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Title: *READ FIRST* Before posting a build log!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Switz on December 20, 2007, 06:33:22 AM
Before you post a build log, please read this:

Please do not just post your build log saying you are going to do this.  Even if you do not have any items yet, it is ok to post, but please don't make a post saying, "I am going do build a DIY-Cintiq."

Also, a great suggestion:
Go to the top and hit Show unread posts since last visit ( (I personally would suggest reading EVERY post, minus the rate my spam posts.  This will greatly help you with your build log.  If you can not read every post, atleast read some of the build logs.  Mostly Drews, Tannassi, Chems, Naspc, Mine xD, and a few others. (Tell me if you think I should add your name) After you have read all your posts from your last visit, you should see, "No unread topics found since your last visit. Click here to try all unread topics. (;all) Then after completing that you should see, "No messages...!  Congratulations, you have read every post on Bongofish  :P.

Also, check out the more popular topics like the jitter ones, or maybe leds.

Not that anyone has done this yet, but I just want to lay some rules down, just to make this forum a bit neater.

-Switz/Drew a.K.a The Bongofish Team a.K.a Drew