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Title: Behind a laptop's screen?
Post by: mrblackbird on July 27, 2008, 08:04:50 AM
Out of curiosity, I was wondering if it would be possible at all... to directly modify a laptop's casing and integrate the wacom sensor directly behind a laptop's screen? Beyond the difference in the way the screen communicates directly to the motherboard via LVDS, and the method of drawing power, i'm thinking the lcd setup therein contained is familiar territory to most of the folks here.

I know a laptop itself is an expensive creature indeed... but suppose, for giggles and grins, you pick up a perfectly decent older model going for $300, something that can plug along pretty decently with photoshopCS, and take it from there?

 not that this is something I will necessarily do, I just want everyone's take on the possibility and probability or lack thereof, of pulling this off. i still think, ergonomically speaking, making a slate style tablet is the better idea.

 edit to this: what if you remove a laptop from its cozy home, screen and all, full dismantle, and then mount it onto a case of your own design. you can keep the screen and its connection directly to the motherboard, etc. etc. there's a lot more computer malarky involved in such a thing, but it's a general idea.

Title: Re: Behind a laptop's screen?
Post by: Drewid on August 02, 2008, 05:56:08 PM
should be feasable if you can make everytihing fit. You may have to reroute the inverter cables, they cause interference if they are across the front of the sensor.