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Title: starting out - what'll I need?
Post by: purplefox on November 07, 2008, 04:15:05 PM
Hey there guys, been lurking for a little while but am seriously considering making my own cintiq.  I currently do a fair bit of illustration work with my Intuos3 9x12, but definitely wouldn't want to rip that apart, especially for a first build.

Since I'm on a pretty restricted budget and wouldn't be too bothered by a slightly smaller size, would there be any problems with using an A5 wacom for the build - maybe a Bamboo or smaller Graphire?  Has anyone encountered any problems with those?  I guess the LCD screen will be a fair bit bigger but I'm only looking for it to cover the drawing area, and I could probably put menus on the outside as long as they're accessible with a mouse.
Incidentally, I'm also coming across fairly cheap Wacom Digitizer Units on the eBay UK site (though I'm guessing they'd be for tablet PCs?) - would they be of any use or would I be better off getting an actual tablet?

Finally, I've not really had much experience with this kind of thing before, though I have done some very basic tinkering, so can anyone suggest any particular tools I will need?

Thanks  :)

Title: Re: starting out - what'll I need?
Post by: Drewid on November 07, 2008, 11:11:36 PM
Hiya and welcome.
If you're on a tight budget the best advice is to practice patience, trawl ebay for misspellings, tablets bundles with old 'puters that you could sell on, poorly worded listings.

I don't think anyone has tried a bamboo. A5 might be a bit of a squash for photoshop, but might be OK for something with less interface.

Finding a small screen might prove interesting, mind you a couple of builds have use small tablets in a screen centre.

The wacom digitiser panels -  I've never investigated these properly it'd need (i guess) an LVDS board to drive the monitor side and goodnes only knows what to drive the wacom sensor, so might be a bit of an issue.

Good tools -  a small scalpel or craft knife, a dremel type thing, a range of medium to small screwdrivers, a fine tooth file or something for smoothing/straightening the edges of the screen cutout assuming you want to use the case in that way.