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Title: Projectiq
Post by: tuszi on January 11, 2010, 11:41:48 PM
Now this is as simple as it gets. (till foil displays start to appear at least :) )

I just tried to get a sense of the cintiq feel, so i borrowed a friends projektor for a couple of days. I put it on a tripod, connected to the pc, put my intus2 a3 under the tripod and adjusted the tripod head and the controlls of the projector to project the image on the tablet. Then i calibrated the wacom to mach the image. And voila 1 projectiq done :D

The "design" has a lot of flaws, but undeniably siple and easily reversible. So no need to take apart anything.

The drawbacks are:
-Shading! I didnt imagine that shading caused by my hand and pen is so annoying. I tught like :hey i cover those areas anyway, but its really annoying together with the image moving on your hand.
-Its really easy to unintentionally misallign the thing. Of course one could make a more stable support, and secure the tablet and projector into position.
-A standard projector can make some noise and a lot of heat.
-Its bulky and not easy to move.

I did this a while ago and since then some of the drawbacks i find some improwements. Nowdays LED projectors are appearing so heat problems can be solved with these, and there are really tiny ones like pocketable ones with short projecting distances. These parameters lets one to make a less bulky and more mobile projectiq. Also these mini projectors can be used with any type and size tablet, including touch ones, as they are optimized to small distances (3M MPro120 mini 0,2-1,6m) and small projected picture diagonals (0,2-1,2m)

Title: Re: Projectiq
Post by: cellofaan on January 12, 2010, 12:02:33 AM
You could lessen the shadow problem by positioning the projector at an angle instead of right above your hand. You'd then need to use the keystone adjustments of the projector or some software like NVKeystone (for nvidia geforce cards) to make the image rectangular again.

Title: Re: Projectiq
Post by: tuszi on January 12, 2010, 12:20:54 PM
I tought on this too. I planed to place the projector over the left upper corner or even a bit further out (as im right handed). I settled for over the top boarder of the tablet placement, as this is the native, hardvare supported way of keystoning. (projectors not project the image symmetrically around the optical axis, as this would hinder their placement) And this placement also retained the best focus, and required only to rotate the image 180 degree.

I think it would also help lessening the shading to place the projector closer to the tablet surface. Well theoretically it would create a bigger area of shade, but i found that the shaing is most problematic from the left of my hand (again im right handed). So if the projector is lover in heihgt it can project a bit under ones hand. (and the less one have to move the hand just to see)

Title: Re: Projectiq
Post by: tuszi on January 12, 2010, 12:23:04 PM
On a side note, i have a picture of the thig laying around, but so far i could not attach it due to some error...

Title: Re: Projectiq
Post by: cellofaan on January 12, 2010, 01:36:56 PM
That has to do with the forum being worked on and such. Try uploading it on