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Title: iPaddle -Dipping my toes into DIY Cintiquery
Post by: hipster on April 07, 2012, 09:44:42 PM
Here's a youtube link to see my 12" iBook with a Wacom A6 tablet in the lid. It fits behind the screen and allows the case to be replaced - I took the USB cable plug off the tablet board because it stands proud by quite a distance and soldered the connection direct to the board , so it would take up less room ,  and placed the tablet so it wasn't touching either the ribbon cable which feeds the screen or the metal strip that covers the backlight (both of which caused problems until I got the position right) . The USB cable comes out of the side of the case and is plugged in the normal way - does anyone know if I could get away with hardwiring it to one of the USB sockets in some way so that the USB socket was still useable for other things? (What electronics do hubs have in them?)
There's no jitter and it's fully pressure-sensitive , I've set it up to toggle between the Pen and Mouse functions so I can use it as a mouse to pick colours /brushes etc. This is a bit clumsy , maybe I'll get used to it or revert to using the laptop trackpad for tool functions.
Next stop a 15" monitor with an 8x6 bluetooth tablet inside , and then I've got and old serial 12 x 18 that is calling to me..... (

At the moment I'm drawing directly onto the iBook screen , guess I need to find a sheet of plastic to protect it.

I could post some pictures but it's pretty obvious once you take the wacom apart and open up the iBook ... you need to have the tablet set up in Portrait mode and Flipped vertically to get the orientation right - if you put the tablet in "right way up" the USB cable comes off the tablet board in the middle of the screen and that could be a problem if the ribbon cable which is there were to cause interference , so I put it in wrong way up and then switched top and bottom in the Wacom control panel.

Title: Re: iPaddle -Dipping my toes into DIY Cintiquery
Post by: bernard on April 08, 2012, 06:16:42 AM
great stuff.

video: seeing the iBook and device internals rather than just looking at the screen would have been nice.

USB hub:  the easiest is to buy a real cheap/small USB hub, strip out the electronics and fit that in your case. This 1$ and free shipping High-Speed-Cable-Hub-Man USB 2.0 on ebay sounds about right to me.

Title: Re: iPaddle -Dipping my toes into DIY Cintiquery
Post by: hipster on April 08, 2012, 02:09:29 PM
Hi , thanks for the reply , I have ordered a little passive USB hub and will see how that looks inside.
Next post has some pics of the build.

Title: Re: iPaddle -Dipping my toes into DIY Cintiquery
Post by: hipster on April 08, 2012, 02:26:05 PM
Here are some pics
The Wacom circuit board showing the socket the USB lead plugs into.

I took the plug off the lead  , just broke it up with pliers , and trimmed the connections on the end and soldered them directly to the Wacom's circuit board.

I covered the ribbon cable feeding the screen with kitchen foil , I don't know if it made any difference but certainly that cable stops the tablet functioning if they are over each other even a fraction.

I put the tablet in with the wire coming out of the side . It just fits without touching the ribbon cable or the brass- coloured strips covering the backlight - my first attempt did touch those and it interfered with the tablet slightly , the cursor kept heading for the bottom of the screen. The USB cable is coming out of the side opposite the USB socket of the iBook but the option of having it go across the ribbon cable I thought too likely to give problems. I put the silver foil that was in the tablet case on the back of the tablet. I fixed it all with parcel tape,,, it is held by pressure from the top case anyway , I don't think it will move.With the tablet this way up it reads "upside-down" until you flip the orientation in the Tablet control software.

The closed-up case ,, it just fits , although I forgot to put the foil shield behind the screen . I'm not sure if it makes any difference , and I think it's so tight a fit the foil might be just enough to stop it closing properly without too much pressure on things.