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Title: How do I fix this jitter?
Post by: ericapproves84 on May 11, 2012, 07:11:37 AM
Hey guys,

So I've had this build for awhile. It used to look like this.


I noticed there was an annoying amount of jitter and I eventually decided to open it back up. I shielded it with thin aluminum sheet metal, which improved my jitter enough to use it regularly. I've since realized that it isn't good enough.

Here's a current picture of it. The area within the rectangle has NO jitter, while the area outside of it has an increasing amount of jitter as it reaches the edges of the screen:


(Bear in mind, the lower part of the lcd was originally shielded. I've since removed it because of how bulky it was. The orange ribbons are actually folded underneath the screen. When they aren't, the screen flickers uncontrollably)

Here's a picture of the underside of it. That metal part is from an old LCD panel. Apparently it's EMF resistant.


How can I go about improving this? It's very close to being complete.

(also, when I move near the left edge of the screen, my cursor will move like 10 pixels to the left like this)




Title: Re: How do I fix this jitter?
Post by: bernard on May 16, 2012, 03:04:38 AM
Alignment:  is the mis-alignment progressive or as a sudden jump?   If progressive as you reach the side, then this is just about Wacom settings (mapping) adjustments.

Lots of hot glue and tape !   yay!

If you turn off the backlight, is the jitter area the same?

Have you played with the frequencies? Which OS are you running?

Do I recognize the Flash IDE?