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Title: OUZBAL CR-Tablet modded
Post by: ouzbal on July 21, 2012, 08:36:07 PM
Hey guys, check out my new design.
I ve just finished

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Post by: ouzbal on July 21, 2012, 08:42:00 PM
by the way , i am gonna send the processes later on here

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Post by: ouzbal on July 22, 2012, 07:45:20 PM
here of the details of my build:

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Post by: bernard on July 23, 2012, 07:47:38 AM
very cool.  Wanna talk a little about how you did it?

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Post by: ouzbal on July 23, 2012, 09:09:55 AM
Actually, everything starts with this forum. I tried the recommendations in After I finished that design, I was using LP154WX4 type monitor and njytouch controller for it. At first time a lot of jitter happend and I hadvery bad problems with that. So I decided a new design with new idea.

My new idea is "Cutting my wacom". That was crazy bec i love my tablet but at the end i took the risk and made it cutten.(I am gonna send the drawings of cutting place in dxf format.)For those dont try laser  cut,jigsaw machine is the best solution.For cutting the upper part,you have to watch how to disassamble the wacom, bec when I was trying it,I broke shortcut buttons FFC connectors and it delay my project 2 weeks.Anyways be careful about dissassamble issue.And also i changed my monitor type to the b154ew01 ebcits easy to strip the metal parts from it.I broke my lp154wx4 when i was trying it.

When i cut out the upper part, it was opened 5mm deep space to fit my lcd on wacom.(I isolated my wacom by paper before i put LCD panel)it was enough space to fit for an lcd panel. Also there are 3 free screw hole opened by orginally on the tablet which helps me to fix it to the enclosure. that was brilliant bec it make stable my wacom with enclosure.I also share the drawings of enclosure for laser cut process.
In the drawings some of the holes for screws are not drawn bec i make this holes when i was setting it. the holes are 3-4mm diameter.

The is also one point you must remember is magentic field of inverter. I conserve my cards from inverters magnetic field by placing an aluminum foil into the "digitalism" poster. i needn't to be digitalism i like their music.You see in the picture, the aluminum foil is between poster paper.

At the end i waste a lot of money to be succeed in that design but actualy you need

1-controller board
2-one 15.4 b154ew01 lcd panel
3-3mm thick translucent plexyglass for enclosure
4-2mm thichk transparent plexyglass for monitor top
5-Chloroform to stick plexyglass stuff
6-3mm dia screws and screw drivers
7-Aliminum foil
8-the poster of your favorite band
9-Tape (cello,electric band)
10-Driller for some holes,or dremel(google it)
11-Cables to lengthen your inverter cable
12-Soldier Gun
13-papers to isolate your wacom card

drawings of lasercut :

Title: Re: OUZBAL CR-Tablet modded
Post by: ouzbal on July 23, 2012, 09:25:13 AM
by the way be154o1 is not a good type monitor for this processes becasue when you flip the electronical board,every time it get lines on screen,and easyly broken. I broke one of it and the current is gonna be broken in one month i guess...Its sad but its unstable... do you have recomeendations for monitor. mabye its better to change a litte size monitorinstead of 15.4

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Post by: ouzbal on July 23, 2012, 12:01:23 PM
For all these problems,i am planning to get an controller program and control my device for lower size lcd panels like 13 or 14 inch because i need to make it stable and now i am waiting the time when the monitor get lined again :/

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Post by: ouzbal on July 23, 2012, 06:28:47 PM

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Post by: ouzbal on July 27, 2012, 11:01:11 AM
My wacom makes some random clicks on the upper and lower parts and the a bir right side of the middle. I cant stop whatever i do, do you know why is it happend?

Title: Re: OUZBAL CR-Tablet modded
Post by: ouzbal on October 23, 2012, 08:37:40 PM
Guys, I have been thinking about random clicks in my wacom build and after months later I found enough enegry to make revisions in my build.

As you know wacom pens doent have any battery in it and it works with electric induction. You can find ome of articles about that subject in wikipedia or somewhere else if you google it. Anyways, my random click errors happens in the area of bottom top lines and beside middle part vertically to the screen.

Firstly, bottom part problem is happend because of the ccfl lamps that makes electric magnetical area as they are working.I experimented and found out by cutting down the current to from the inverter to the backlight lamps(ccfl).so it needed to be invert to led backlight type but i dont know how to do it. I especially want to use b154ew01 type of lcd panel because it is the easiest panel to stirpe from the metal parts of it.

Secondly, the middle part line that vertical to the screen. That probelm is happened because of the weak insulation of the inverter. I assumed that i insulated the inverter by rolling some aliminum foil around it but, it is not enough i experimented.

Thirdly, the top part problem happend because of the connections of lcd panel to its electronical card. I tird to insualte it but it doesnt work up to now.but now i find why it happend like that.because i insulated the wrong part. I tried to insulate the wacom digitizer but i have to insulate the screen because the pen of the wacom make its electricty by using the screen electromagnetic field,instead of digitizer.

At first i thought that the digitizer of wacom is effected from screen magnetic field but its not. I think, the pen is effected instead of digitizer and started to make some random clicks.

Finaly i haven tested it yet and also i need your theories about it.

Sorry because of the spelling and grammatical mistakes because i am writing from my ipad and hsve some troubles with it like deleting and moving the cursor.

Title: Re: OUZBAL CR-Tablet modded
Post by: bernard on October 24, 2012, 02:20:29 AM
Nice build.  But have you tested the parts together for jitter before going through the pain of building all of it?

You said "vertical middle" -- do you happen to have the LVDS wire going between the tablet and the LCD?   Any piece of metal will of course block the pen.

Can you make a picture with all the jitter zones so we understand -- your wording is not very clear I must say.