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Title: A home made Cintiq, working but not successful
Post by: AnKi on November 03, 2012, 09:49:05 PM
My bro took his Intuos GD-1212-R (Intuos1 Serial) 12x12 sized, old but pretty soft and accurate, and a generic LCD Monitor, after some calculations of size and cutting plastic this was the result:


It doesn't have the most beautiful and flat appearence but works, the problem is that we don't know why the cursor keeps shaking while follows the pen, and it is really annoying, maybe the screen adds a lot of interference or due to the screen the pen is even far from the tablet surface, don't really know why, but he is going to take all apart and rebuild the tablet and monitor separated again

Title: Re: A home made Cintiq, working but not successful
Post by: bernard on November 07, 2012, 02:15:31 PM
cursor shaking = We coined the term "jitter" around here. One of the most problematic problems.  There are a few solutions (that do not always work).

It is interference indeed.

- yes, LCD thickness is a factor, pen needs to stay as close as possible to its board.
- Make sure there is no metal parts in the back of the LCD (metal or wires block RF)
- Ground everything in a star fashion
- Shield as much stuff as possible (and ground it) -- watch to not make circuits touch each other.
- Change the video frequencies -- using either the video card control panel or Entech's powerstrip (windows) or SwitchResX (MacOS). A difference of 1 Hz (59Hz instead of 60Hz can sometimes make a big difference).

Typically we test the tablet+LCD combination before going further with building the case to see if there is too much jitter to start with.

Good luck!