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Title: Intous 3 A3 Wide and New LG IPS 226V sheffield UK
Post by: janm on October 12, 2013, 09:52:18 AM

I have for sale an intous 3 A3 wide and new IPS226V monitor for sale.
Also spare led strip and controller from an IPS 226V and extension ribbons for LVDS and LED power.

Everything you'd need to do a builld.

As you can see I completed mine the first time (see working pic)
but recently had an accident and damaged the screen of my first LCD.

I had originally bought a spare IPS226V monitor in case something went wrong during my first build but never
used it.

I do not want to make another build so selling up.

The intous 3 A3 wide has

Top cut for LCD...
Inside ribs on inside of case base taken out.
Some holes in the bottom of base.

Looking for an reasonable offer on this...

Pickup only from Sheffield UK.