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Title: Looking for 13W01AS-01X pinout :) and a few other q's
Post by: mostachio on June 03, 2014, 09:49:21 AM

I am starting a build with a sony 13.3 laptop & the wacom penabled digitizer from a dead Fujitsu Lifebook t900 i5 13.3.

The Wacom Digitizer unit is a SU5E-13W01AS-01X . The touchscreen PCB has the part # PWB-A789DEF, It has 9 wires coming out (have the original cable), So i'm guessing it is serial??. I have been reading a lot on the forums about successful and unsuccessful attempts, (thanks guys), but what I'd really like is;

Whether or not this is serial or serial + usb or weird usb?

Hopefully someone has a pinout for this?
(The lifebook is completely dead, so i'm unabled to power it up to measure voltages etc).
the 9 Wires coming out look like this (can post a pic up if needed)

CN1 (none of the wires are coloured...)

1 - Wire
2 - X
3 - X
4 - X
5 - X
6 - X
7 - Wire
8 - Wire
9 - Wire
10 - Wire
11 - Wire
12 - Wire
13 - Wire
14 - Wire (GND)

Also is a Wacom pen necessary? or am I able to use this as a finger touch panel (once working?) or a substitute for a pen...? (until i get one)

Thanks a lot guys!