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Title: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck.
Post by: DaBotz on September 24, 2014, 05:49:35 PM
OK, this is a story from quite some time ago. It is a cautionary tale on the Hubris of an hobbyist.

In the age between Cabinatiq and UbiQ, I was pretty down with myself.

The "daily" jitter of C.Q. made me despair, and I thought of buying an YiYnova MSP19U. Before, I wanted to know how it was the underlying tech, so I bought an Huion H610.

For all I know, it has the same digitizer tech from UC-Logic at the base (and, certes, the same crappy driver in windows).

After having found a proper driver for it in Linux, I used it at night with gimp and a numpad as hotkeys. It worked really well.

Then, I discovered that YiYnova charged 700Euros, in Europe, for the MSP19U, and hence my DIYrite got emboldened once again.

I decided to try and place a screen on the H610 (among other reasons, because the feeling of the battery-driven pen is way BETTER than that of my Intuos4!!!).

To avoid the issues I had with the Cabinetiq (panel, board and power brick from different sources: 1st board badly programmed, paid for the mail of a second one, and  then a power brick totalled on arrival), I decided to buy a "package" from another ebay seller, ChinaTobby.

A combination or screen, a LP116WH1, a  power brick and a controller kit with BVGA-DVI-DMI inputs.

I asked the seller if it was possible to have an LP116WH2 (more or less the same screen, but the TCON board lies in front of the panel instead of attached to the back of the case... I had bad experience stripping another small LP panel, before - another tale of loss, but, as it's been all my fault, I¡ll leave it to another day), and they graciously conceded.

The panel is a bright, precious 11.6", 1366x768, and everything worked perfectly on the spot.

I opened the H610: it has one and only one plastic board, with a metallic screen a couple of mm behind, spaced by a couple of conductive beds. As I was decided to use it with Linux, where its hotkeys won't work, I decided to avoid hassles with those and simply "forgot" them.

The first run, was horrible: plenty of random clicks and jitter.

This part was not so horrible, in reality: I still had to ground together the screen and the Huion board, so it was to be expected. And, to be honest, was similar to the first dry run of my successive build, the "UBiQ"

But I realized something that convinced me that it was not the case to pursue the build any more forward... the screen had an incredible amount of "geographical jitter".

To explain what I mean, I invite to take a look at a picture of how it did draw some inclined lines (I've done it by memory):


It seemed that the data lines from the TCON board made some kind of strong interference all along their length, like they were cylindrical lenses for the pen signal.
If this was the case, the inner working of the TFT was to be an unsurmountable issue.

I chalked it to bad luck, and closed the project where it stands.

I'm sorry I do not have photos of the stripped H610 (I gifted it to a friend, a girl that was looking looking for a good tablet -  the H610 is a good tablet), but it wasn't very interesting a sight either.  pretty much, it's the same stuff as in the Monoprice tablets.

I still have the LP116 and the case I made (I make the cases first thing, because it means that you do not need to move things around much... which means you'd probably not break things; usually, it's 10 Euros of wood, so it's not such a loss, if they have to be rebuilt), so I added a couple of photos of those.

Title: Re: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck.
Post by: CitrusLord on September 24, 2014, 07:57:56 PM
Interesting problem there. I'm currently doing my first build with an Huion H610 pro, which seems to have a slightly different board than most other UC logic brands. It is indeed a fine tablet.

I'm using LCD model B121EW01 and am not having problem with the lines shifting, although I am with the random clicks. It's too bad your screen wouldn't work, it seems like a better fit than my 12.1" one. Any tips on getting rid of the clicking, other than just shielding everything well.

Title: Re: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck.
Post by: DaBotz on September 28, 2014, 05:47:33 PM
A common, possible workaround for false clicks is to connect the ground of the screen TCON board and the tablet "ground".

The TCON "ground" points are easily recognizable, as they are used to ground the LCD metal frame.

As for the tablet, one such point could be the metal "base plate" behind the tablet board, or the or the USB power "ground" (minus) cable input.

Before doing so, check if there are "fixed" voltage level differences, in order to avoid shorting things.

A possible "trick" is, also, to add common mode chokes on the USB line.

This has worked fine in my builds,  but I may have been just lucky and, in the end, it should just do the same as connecting the LCD board's ground to the metal plate.

Both "tricks" should get rid of (eventual) "ghost currents" that "jump" from the TFT transistors to the tablet board (one, buy adding an impedance along the noise path, the second by leaving the tablet PCB in a "neutral" electric field).

By the way, discussion is open about said A.C. noises really existing.


Title: Re: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck.
Post by: NomYenSiChomPoo on October 16, 2014, 01:19:54 PM
well then. something new might be a good thing!

Title: Re: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck.
Post by: Experi on July 28, 2016, 08:32:26 PM
Old thread i know, but over the past week i've tried this out as well, and i've tried everything to try to get rid of the clicking and jitter but no amount of shielding seems to help.

Another phenomena i noticed is that in certain spots on the lcd panel, if i hover above it, the pen detection led goes crazy and cursor jitter around, which causes all kinds of double clicks and what not.

A video:

There is only one single thing i have not yet tried, and that would be soldering a wire to a ground point where the board attach to the frame(mostly removed except for a trimmed piece holding the backligt leds strip and the board in place) and a ground point on the tablet board, but given the issues i doubt thats actually gonna do anything.

Another thing i've thought of trying is using the usb wires for the webcam thats already included in the lvds cable going to the lcd panel, though i don't see what difference that would make compared to having a short usb cable from one of the laptops external ports.