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Title: Can I resize a monitor to make it fit my Wacom tablet?
Post by: Bethany on February 02, 2015, 08:54:10 AM
My dad gave me a monitor that isn't too bad, and it's JUST too bit to fit into my Wacom Intuos A4, since the monitor is 10X13 and my wacom is 9X12. It's JUST too big. I was hoping to use the monitor as my parts.

Is it possible (and in my case of an extreme beginner FEASIBLE) to resize an LCD monitor to fit the Wacom tablet? I don't want to have to spend any money, if I can help it, but I will if I have to. I was just hoping to use this monitor for the Wacom tablet mod I plan on doing soon.

Also...would the chips I need (the controller and the like) be in the monitor, since it's a full monitor and not a laptop?

Title: Re: Can I resize a monitor to make it fit my Wacom tablet?
Post by: Aerendraca on February 02, 2015, 08:42:04 PM
Hi Bethany, welcome!

Apologies for the delay in replying to your posts, busy weekend. The type of build that you are planning to undertake - the K-Jintiq I believe - is very reliant on the skills of the builder and a most adventurous project to embark upon as an "extreme beginner". This project is more complicated than it appears - due mostly to the skillful execution of Hieron - and will require a good deal of creative DIY ability to repeat this success.

Another point to note is that a project like this is likely to cost you more money than you might expect, due to mistakes, trials, breakages etc. I broke many monitors during my early days, purchased many monitors/panels that could not be used, and changed my mind about how to tackle various problems more times than I could care to count each time costing more money. I'm just advising that you should expect a DIY Cintiq to cost more than you may budget for.

The next thing I would suggest - regarding the monitor your dad gave you - is to be very careful if the screen plugs directly into the mains power supply, that's 240V (if you're in the UK)and it'll give you a zap if you're not sure what you're doing. If its a monitor with an external power supply then it's much safer to handle, however, if the screen uses fluorescent tubes (called CCFLs) you should also be cautious since the circuit that drives these pumps out upwards of 600Volts; although the current is low this will still give you a ZAP.

As for whether the monitor you have will work for this I am unable to say, partly due to the fact that I don't know what screen you have, but also because I have probably not tried the screen you have. There are a few things can hinder the build from the beginning, one of which can be the position of the flat cables on the back of the screen. I suggest reading a few of the build logs (not just the successful ones) to gauge a feel for how things truly are with these builds, and what type of issues you are likely to face.

Hope that all helps a bit.

Title: Re: Can I resize a monitor to make it fit my Wacom tablet?
Post by: Bethany on February 04, 2015, 05:08:38 AM
Thanks for the tips. I'm not exactly sure the monitor, but thankfully, my older brother said he would help me with this whole thing. He's an experienced computer techie, and he's built MANY of his computers (all piece by piece, no kits...even has some pretty sweet cooling systems and such). So, thankfully, I won't be the one DOING the work. If it's as hard as you say it is, then I'd definitely do something wrong.

My brother's looking into how to do it and what he'll need for it. So, I'm going to let him figure it out. I still want to get as much information, though, as I can...just in case he asks. :)

Thanks for the reply!