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: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 04, 2015, 01:40:33 PM
Hi peeps...

wish i hadn't found this board!!! lol!!!

I'm looking to build a replacement for my Huion GT190 as i reinstalled windows and it no longer works with manga studio... waaaahhh....  :'(

Are here any suggestions for monitors that will fit? thinking of just having a sheet of plexi with all buttons and what not on it with a frame around it to keep the crap out... think like a custard cream / oreo with the monitor and tablet being the filling...

any tips between led/ips? and monitors with external power supplies?


: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 05, 2015, 11:12:17 AM
Well... I've just found a cheap samsung S22C300H 22" monitor with external power supply going cheap on the bay so if i win it then I'll be off and away with the build!!!

I hope everything works and i'll add a build log with pics and maybe videos if i can sort a camera out!! woop woop!!

expect blood sweat and tears in this build!!

anyone know what the max height for the a3 wide to recognize the pen?? just realised i'm properly jumping in blind on this one!

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: Aerendraca February 05, 2015, 04:51:01 PM
Hi shugs1981, welcome!

Nice. That panel uses the Samsung LTM200KT08-W02 panel - Some pictures here:

I've read you're first post a couple of times and I'm a little unclear about what you are trying to do. You asked for a monitor that will fit, but I'm not sure what you want it to fit, do you have another tablet other than the Huion?

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 05, 2015, 06:28:34 PM
I used to use the Huion GT 190 19" tablet monitor... was quite a good bit of kit and fairly cheap for what it was... drivers were utter utter poo... after however many updates they've made the 22" version so it's no longer supported...

I had to reformat my computer and when i've tried to reinstall it I can't for the life of me get it to work with manga studio... apparently i'm a minority user as it was a nightmare trying to sort anything out as whenever they updated the drivers it would knock out the support for it... I decided i need to replace it..

Found an intuos a3 wide that i want to put a screen in to build my own cintiq...

the first post was to see if i could find out any monitors which are recommended as I've seen quite a few sub £80 monitors new so was wondering if there was any recommendations... then I found that cheapy samsung (which i didn't win... :( ) which seemed a good idea... Argos seems to have a load of refurbished ones for a bit more but still loads less than the £140 some people want for them new!! Tbh that cheap one on ebay had a big blue line on the screen so i suppose I'm kinda glad i didn't get it now...

as to the build the original plan was to basically have a sheet of acrylic... attach everything to it and then slap something on the top... but then I had the thought of adding shortcut keys... i wish i hadn't...

hopefully the a3 wide will work well (hopefully should've arrived today!!)

cheers for the pic... think i'll definitely get one of them refurbished screens cause that looks uber neat and possibly easy to attach without risk of destroying it... just need to look at cables and stuff once i get going...

I've also had an idea down the road to try to make a mostly wireless (obvs need video cable!!) screen to work with a laptop... but that's dependent on everything working...

Not seen any good strip down pics of the a3 wide either... so may overly document it all...

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 06, 2015, 08:24:59 PM
Wooooooooooooooooowwww.... the tablet arrived today.... it's fekking massive!!!! I suppose it was gonna be but i wasn't expecting it to be so huge....

now I'm just trying to install the swine now.... this stupid huion thing has properly screwed everything up.. i'll be most upset if i havew to reinstall windows AGAIN cause of it...

it seems to work so far but pressure isn't working... just hoping that i can config the buttons... anyone confirm it works on windowz 7???

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: DaBotz February 07, 2015, 06:58:34 AM
Have you uninstalled the Huion drivers?

In window, they are incompatible (wacom drivers and huion drivers, being really both 3rd party drivers, have no problems living together in Linux, but then you are stuckwith GIMP-Krita as drawing software- wine doesnot support pressure, as far as I know).

Anyway, even juggling back and forth with different versions of the wacom drives may leave problems...

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 07, 2015, 10:30:05 AM
Cheers for the reply!

I realised I was being an idiot.... I still had the old tablet monitor plugged in!!!

unplugged it and I forgot how nice and smooth Wacoms are.... plus i like the extra buttons!!

really looking forward to the build now!! Muahahahahaha!!

Monitors supposed to be here on Tuesday... fingers crossed it's not knackered!! :D:D:D

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: DaBotz February 07, 2015, 12:05:00 PM
I installed the drivers for the Intuos 2 after having uninstalled those for the Huion H610, on the Windows7 partition of my laptop... and had no problems. So I imagined compatibility with the Huion stuff may be the issue at hand.

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 08, 2015, 11:31:41 AM
need to work out the highest i can go without losing drawability. It seems pretty high from what I've messed around with which was pressing on my fingernail and lifting my finger off the Wacom.. I reckon i could get some good sturdy acrylic/perspex/plexi to work with it...

Need to finalize my plan... I keep having the notion of adding a keyboard to it.... mainly cause I'm mental.... splitting it ergonomic style and putting a num pad in somewhere (I does 3d too)...

Might start looking at making mock ups... hmmm...

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: procersapientiae February 08, 2015, 10:00:53 PM
So, I'm new to this, but it looks like I'll be making a build for a DIY-cintiq based on the Intuos3 12x19.2 as well!
I was planning on getting one of those Yiynova 19" Tablets because they've got a good price-point, but then a 12x19 popped up on ebay like the day I was about to buy a Yiynova. DIY was irresistible when starting with a $200 XL...

So, from what I've read here are the priorities:
1. 21.5" (or 22.2" if you're going with a 10:16, but they're all over priced and untested for Jitter)
2. NO JITTER (might as well off yourself if you can't draw with your tablet.)
3. IPS for viewing angle and better color quality.

SO, I read through some of the build logs, and this one was recent, and particularly appealing:

It looks like this user used an AOC 2269 (Alphascan?), buuuuuuuuuuuut, I don't see that available in the US (where I am). I'm trying to figure out what panel is in that, and find other models with the same panel, as the lack of jitter is super appealing. I saw the I2269VW (looks exactly the same!) and send AOC a message to see if it is the same monitor, and also asked about the I2267FW. So waiting to hear back before making a purchase, otherwise I'll probably buy it anyway since there aren't many options, and it's $96 on Directron (apparently a decent company)

Other monitors I'd been considering:
1. Getting an IBM T221, if I KNEW there'd be no jitter, I'd consider breaking the bank on this, but it's so expensive and the risk of breaking the panel is real...
2. Panel# M215H3-LA1, I *THINK* it's the panel used in the builds from the e2243Fw, it's only 7mm thick, and it's available as a panel on ebay (as is the controller), but then the 21.5" build I linked to basically says that monitor is horrible awful terrible.

So, I have no idea how to divine the model number on the internal panels, it's been tough for me to even find that info. Having a super convenient list of Panel model numbers, thickness, and Monitors associated with the panels, would be the most useful thing ever. As far as I can tell TFTcentral is useless for that also....

I plan on slimming the build as much as possible and only using a 0.5-2mm sheet of some kind of matte acrylic over the panel so that it's as natural of a working surface as possible, thickness depending on what's realistic.

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 09, 2015, 05:08:20 PM
From what I can gather you aren't guaranteed a particular model in any monitor you buy...

I wanted an IPS screen but thought it best be cheap so that if i mess it up its just a cheapo refurbished monitor I've screwed up...

I thought about the yinnova to but went for the huion gt190 - same as the Monoprice tablet screen... and while it works well in Photoshop and gimp etc doesn't work with Manga studio... plus I'm still contemplating moving over to Linux and nothing seems to be supported like the Wacom tablets... so it makes sense to monitor up a Wacom!! :D well... for me anyway... :D

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: procersapientiae February 09, 2015, 08:40:46 PM
That would probably explain why a number of the models listed on TFTcentral just say something like '21.5" WS IPS' and don't provide any specific information.

I guess I'll take my chances and order a decently priced 21.5" by AOC. $96 for a I2269Vw in my region.

I'm a 100% linux user, but I plan the build for my girlfriend and/or other artist friends that mostly use Windows, so good to know Wacom's got decent support, I'd completely forgotten to think that over.

Other thoughts:
Do they even make Glossy 1080p 21.5" panels? I can't seem to find any.

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: DaBotz February 09, 2015, 10:21:52 PM
Huion, in Linux... there is a driver for the huion stuff, in the digimend project.

Worked really fine with my H610.

Anyway, configuring the thing would probably be a battle (like configuring a Wacom without using the command line tool xsetwacom).

The ones that did, report that both the Huion Gt and the monoprice can be convinced to work well... but you need to meddle with x11 config files.

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 10, 2015, 06:07:16 PM
ooooo... got my monitor today.... Samsung SC22B300...

rather pleased with it... looks perfect for a refurbished model... Haven't set up colours and stuff properly yet but it's a really good picture....

and it also has a nifty feature.... Samsung Magic Angle... meaning if you lean the monitor back you can adjust the viewing angle to get a better picture!!! SCORE!!

kinda seems a shame to butcher it now.... Guess i'll take some pics at the weekend to and try to have a look at how to dismantle it without destroying it...


: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: Aerendraca February 10, 2015, 11:48:01 PM
Nice! I look forward to seeing how you get on with this build. You sound pretty confident so I imagine that you're used to tinkering and have a fairly good idea what you're doing, should be good.

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 11, 2015, 08:16:56 AM
I used to build guitar pedals and built my own tube amp... I enjoy messing around with stuff... Just need to be delicate with this.... The main thing I'm worried about is breaking the LCD panel... I'll probably have a million questions as soon as everything is in pieces! Lol

** doh!! Just spent 10 mins looking for an edit button... **

Also thinking of getting a tempered glass top and fitting some kind of keyboard integration.... Will have a ponder on that... Trying to think of what I would need for my programs.....

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 13, 2015, 12:29:25 AM
reet.. gonna start on the build log shortly.... as this is in the monitor section still i have a few questions...

firstly... how do i strip the metal sheilding off the back of the screen without screwing it up???

I've stripped it down and at present as soon as it touches any part of the active bit of the tablet it stops any ofit being recognise...

is any of the metal needed? can i just remove it all? all of the cables will be easy enough to extend (the cables to the touch buttons and the cables fom the board to the screen)... except the ribbon cable of course... are there any maximum lengths for these before interferance happens? and will they need sheilding?  is there a place to get longer ribbon cables?

took loads of pics of everything... havent stared looking at the led bits on the top yet... kinda hoping to leave them where they are...

also need a name for the build before i start... will be pulling the wacom apart tomorrow so will get loads of pics of that too...

soooooooo many more questions.... need to design the bezel too to get a quote... also need to wrk out how to make it sturdily vesa mountable....

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: shugs1981 February 13, 2015, 12:17:48 PM
Hey guys... just looking at ribbon cables and i know that i need a 30 pn FCC... it also had on it 60v 105c... are these numbers important?

I need to check the pitch of it but I may have found ffc's on amazon which are easily extendable cause the have the flat bit on each end but cables in the middle... they still have 60v on them but it states 80c... I'm assuming this is a temperature thing???

any ideas? they're only £3... will it damage the screen or the board if i buy these to test them out? (

: Re: New build planning with an Intuos3 A3 wide
: Aerendraca February 13, 2015, 10:31:25 PM
Ok first things first, you can completely remove the metal backing of the screen, and must do  in order to get any of this working; the metal shields the radio waves transmitted by the digitizer from the pen.

As for extending cables, which cables specifically? Which type of cables do you already have? You should probably post some pics - actually, I think you should begin a build log, it sounds like you have started you're build after all.

Will you continue the tradition of the naming convention??

The 60V is likely the maximum voltage that the wires can transmit before the insulation material no longer insulates. The 105c and 80c are indeed the maximum temperature ratings in degrees Celsius. What is the purpose of the FFC that you are looking to extend? If it's to extend LED backlighting 60V is possibly a bit close to the mark but most likely OK, however without knowing what the FFC is for I wouldn't like to say.

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