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Title: eDP controllers
Post by: ThinWhiteDuke on June 26, 2017, 08:51:49 PM
I'm guessing that no one knows of any universal eDP controllers out there like there are ones for LVDS lcds. I know NJYTouch has some for some popular eDP based screens but it unfortunately runs off 12v. I'm curious about the one from the Abusemark website though. I know some people here have dabbled with them. I'm curious if the Display Port on those boards can be converted to HDMI with the use of a normal DP->HDMI active adapter purchased from anywhere. On their website they sell a "customized" DP adapter or an HDMI revision of the board but both cost quite a bit extra. Anyone have any experience with that?

Title: Re: eDP controllers
Post by: Ertew on June 27, 2017, 06:51:38 PM
As far as I know, eDP digital interface is almost identical to DP port. Major differences are:
- different cables and connectors,
- eDP must provide power for crystals (LCD) and LEDs (backlight) while DP only sources video,
- flat panel need control interface for backlight power (different sources describe this as extra wires or embedded protocol) while tegular monitor may be controlled by buttons or PC (depend on implemented features).