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: reMarkable - Cintiq with E-ink?
: Ertew July 04, 2017, 09:48:11 PM
reMarkable is another e-book reader. You should hear about Kindle, Nook, Tolino, etc... But reMarkable also contains EMR digitizer (there are only few eink readers with EMR digitizer) and probably resistive touchscreen. You can draw and highlight text using any pen, but dedicated battery-less pen are designed to give You the best paper-like feel. And pen are sold separately to maximize company income.
That's all information that I can found on official website.

Why I copy that on tablet forum? Because I found non-official information that Wacom wasn't only supplier for EMR digitizers. Some sources say that Wacom help them with digitizer, top layer finishing (paper-like drawing), pen and e-ink display.
What You think about news? IMHO Wacom have good deal with them and within few years we should see new Cintiq model with outdoor-readable grayscale display. Maybe even new class class of devices - portable notepad that can act as a regular tablet or that You can bring outside and sketch nature with unlimited amount of virtual paper and ink.

: Re: reMarkable - Cintiq with E-ink?
: Amiisato September 15, 2017, 07:34:38 AM
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