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Title: ExpressKey Remote with old wacom drivers
Post by: JaseBristol on October 12, 2017, 10:13:36 AM

I created a build a few years ago which is working well, with Intuos 2 A3 ( XD-1218U-D)  using WacomTablet_6.1.7-3 drivers.
I use the mapping section in the driver panel to calibrate the pen and the portion of screen / tablet area.

I have a Wacom ExpressKey remote which i would like to try and get to work with this.
the new drivers WacomTablet_6.3.24-5a don't recognize my tablet or have a mapping section to calibrate the pen.

Has anyone got any suggestions i could try?
Can i take a file from the new drivers and mix it with the old driver ?

Title: Re: ExpressKey Remote with old wacom drivers
Post by: DaBotz on October 13, 2017, 11:04:09 AM
As far as I know, the last Wacom driver that works with the Intuos 2 is the 6.2.0_w5, however I do not think that it supports the ExpressKey remote, which is a shame because it is really a nice piece of hardware and I know it does not work with my Intuos 4.

You can try and look if they released a newer driver for the Intuos 2, in which case, let me know.

Personally, to "emulate" the ExpressKey, I use a wireless numeric pad with "function stickers" on the keys
in conjunction with a "daemon" that changes its configuration files depending onn the active windows executable.

Pretty crude, no display and you must find a work to get it to keep position once the rubber pads at its back fall off (the grease from the hand palm "sneaked up" and dissolved the glue, in a couople of months - I am using a counterweighted parallelogram, reminiscent of some old technical drafting machines ), but it works...

P.S. would you mind publish a photo of your finished build? When I made my first Intuos 2 XL build, I didn't realize that your machine was a functional one until after I bought a first screen... you managed to get it working, and never posted a shot of the completed thing.