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Title: Intuos4 (PTK-640) to LCD Tablet with Capacitive Touch Digitizer.
Post by: hyj2653 on November 16, 2017, 09:29:40 AM
Hello everyone!

Might see me in previous topic which 'bumhee34' have been posted.

I've almost done my DIY project, and I think it's time to post on the bongofish forum.

These are the main parts that I've used.

Tablet : Wacom intuos 4 (PTK-640)

LCD : B101UAN02.1  (IPS, 10.1, 1920*1200, 8BIT)

Capacitive Touch Digitizer : VS101TC01-A2  (10Point)

OS : Windows 10 after RS1 (to use touch ignore function while using pen)

Extra : USB switch hub, Potentiometer which have on/off switch function on it, lots of tapes and 3D ABS filaments...

More Things to do : Close the rear boards case, Print io port sheild and close it, stand holder installation.

and good to go. (

Almost assembled DIY tablet (only rear board cover and stand holder is missing) (

I don't wanna connect two USB wire for each tablet and touch.

So, it gathered in to USB hub and connected as USB Micro B type (aka.oldschool android phone port)

Here is video of testing pen, touch, touch ignored when pen recorgnized, palm rejection function. (

I'll upload more notes and full making film when I've finished  :)