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Title: Universal "Programmable Macro keyboard Controller" - Work in progress
Post by: DaBotz on January 06, 2018, 03:37:48 PM

- Just for windows, for now...

I was a bit frustrated with the small bugs of HIDMacros, and its limitations...

I finally took a bit of time to take a peek into it successor, LuaMacros.

While I may like the general idea (any key on any keyboard, available for firing its very shortcut), I found it - too-  a bit "wooden" for use by non-programmers...

I set forth to build a Java "wrapper" for it, that allows configuration, "switching on and off" the keyboard grabbing, track and reassign the attached keyboards on swapping their USB port (or, at least, making straightforward "attaching" the "new" shortcuts keyboard to the macros used by it) 

Per the "magic" I used to get LuaMacros and my Java thing to communicate, It already is able to handle HTML "virtual keyboards"... in fact, I had to  write some such "keyboards" while I was writing it on my old XP machine.

think like, an old tablet with "buttons" for your drawing software, that can be changed with a click on a link...  

This thing is an Alpha (not even a beta), as I am finishing up the last two features and I suppose I will find bugs for some more months, once I start using it to draw, but I really hope that somebody will take the time to peek into it and give me a feedback, as I feel that I am losing steam ...

Note: If I remember well, its starts just detecting the keyboards. The, to know which is which, you have to "enable" them and push a key.
When it receives an event from an unknown device, it posp up a windows asking to name it, if you want to use it and if it is one of those odd numeric pads that keep an autonomous num lock (which send three keyevents in a fracton of second, when "their" numlock is diferent from the system).

Switch it on, identify your main keyboard and "disable" the grabbing of its events, then you wiill be able to play with the other keyboards.

Hope to post a proper beta (buggy, but all features running) in a few days.



Title: Re: Universal "Programmable Macro keyboard Controller" - Work in progress
Post by: DaBotz on January 16, 2018, 05:22:32 PM
I opened a sourceforge page for downloading it,