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Title: Working with naked electrical boards.
Post by: Drewid on December 19, 2006, 07:50:11 AM
Now i know i'm new here but i find this to be of importance.

These are some ground rules. You might know them, but i'll list them for the sake of "better safe than sorry":

1) Whenever you work at your project - ALWAYS disconnect ALL components from power supply! This includes the pen board. Do this because of two reasons: first - you may accidently touch any HV-area and that is always a potentially lethal business. You might be one of those unlucky guys with a not yet diagnosed heart weakness; then the first shock might kill you at once. Anyway you will get pretty electrocutated and that's never good, neither for your nerves nor for your heart. Second - You might get a voltage peak effect from one device to another when you accidently build a short-circuit. This lashback-effect is pretty nasty and can ruin one or more platines (circuit boards - Drew)   with you not even knowing what happened.

2) Whenever you go in for close combat with your components be sure to earth yourself. The best thing is to connect yourself permanently with some earth. Second best is to grab some not insulated metal, for instance a water tap, for at least a couple of seconds. Avoid wearing shoes with rubber soles and/or floors with carpets. Don't overheat your working room, especially at dry, cold winter days which are about to come now. This is important because modern platines are so filigrane (delicate) that you can ruin circuits with static electricity.