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16  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: Waxbee on Windows 10 on: May 16, 2016, 07:03:28 AM
Uh, now I have a reason less to want an Intuos 3 (I am left only with it being able to cover the missing inch of width of my 22" screen, whereas the XD-1218 falls 60 pixels short... ~17mm ; It is nowhere near enough... long live the Intuos2!!!!).

This sentence is too confusing for me to understand. If you are saying that you are in a situation where you need an extra "inch" of active area (and you have WaxBee powering the conversion), maybe you heard of the "trick" (or feature) to "extend" your activearea (to reach menus, scrolling bars or side palettes) with what I "call" anchors. (with anchors, you can configure a "position" (on an axis) where the pen "goes faster" to reach the edge than your pen -- it is not good for drawing obviously, but for menus and buttons, it can do the job).
17  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: WaxBee Feature Requests on: May 16, 2016, 06:57:49 AM
Yeah I am afraid of the 8Mhz crystal case. Sparkfun appear to insist on the user to make sure they select the right voltage. They never talk about "converting" a board to the other voltage. That tells me some parts are different (like the crystal), if it was only a jumper, they might have explained how to convert.

Nevertheless, even if Sparkfun's 3v3 board is 16Mhz, the fact that the clone version is 8Mhz is enough to attempt to support it. It's a viable alternative.

(wrong choice, You need 3v3 LDO for Wacom digitizer).

AFAIK, only for ISDV4 you need 3.3v -- All the Wacom tablets I have seen (ADB & Serial, Graphire, Ultrapads & variants, Intuos, Intuos2) -- ALL are running 5V internally.  The only 3.3v I have seen so far are the OEM ISDV4 boards.

18  Screen Tablet malarky / Tutorials and useful knowledge / Re: HIDMacros + Daemon on: May 13, 2016, 02:24:42 AM
Cool stuff! Why do you say it is the end of line?

And what a setup!! Comics reader included.
19  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: Waxbee on Windows 10 on: May 13, 2016, 02:14:50 AM
What software were you using when doing that 5 cm madness on a 5000 pixel image?
20  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Interfacing a TabletPC digitizer on: May 12, 2016, 01:50:37 PM
In laptop, I would believe serial is (typically) more difficult to configure than USB and the last thing a hardware manufacturer wants to do (after having the lowest BOM cost) is dealing with software. Since the hardware for supporting many USB ports is already a must, dropping the serial devices and just hooking the 2 USB data bus wires + power is real cheap and easy.

So if all laptop peripherals (touch pad, keyboard, digitizer, fingerprint reader, SD card reader, etc) are available as "USB" and are low cost, then the choice is a no brainer.
21  General Category / Hardware Talk / Re: Review of Fujitsu ST5111 - Tablet-PC with awesome outdoor screen. on: May 12, 2016, 01:29:13 PM
Just added this Wacom tablet to (to help Google for the next person):

If you have any of the missing information (like measuring its width/height, I can fill this in).
22  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Interfacing a TabletPC digitizer on: May 11, 2016, 05:53:08 AM
Good news!

I tried to connect to the ISD driver (serial port) in Windows and failed.  Getting to connect to a serial port that is not an "internal" one I could never find how. I looked inside tech manuals on certain laptop and saw how it was connected through a "super io" chip (the chip that was on those old IO expansion boards!!).

Not saying it is impossible, just saying that it reminded me that I looked hard.
23  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: WaxBee Feature Requests on: May 11, 2016, 04:56:02 AM
Well I could easily drive the User Led, shutdown driving any Led or drive any other "signal" (if ones want to hook a led somewhere else).  Yes, not the most important thing (unless the led pin I am driving is not causing electrical issues when running in these other boards)

The Sparkfun pro micro does have a jumper (it's in the corner of the board and also appear in the schematic with a note about the voltage).

8Mhz Crystal
I do not know if the Crystal on the 3.3V version of the board is a 8Mhz crystal or 16Mhz? Sparkfun is totally dry of any details in that regards, the schematics are the same (says 16Mhz crystal) - you see a difference between the board photos: the jumper is soldered on one of them. The 3.3v LDO part appear to be present on both boards..?  Similarly, does the Pro Micro 3.3v really has a 8Mhz crystal?  Any other board with 8Mhz crystal?

So... what can WaxBee do to help not brick those clones?  Issue a big red warning when generating a .hex over 28K?

Partial templates
We could have "board" configuration templates on top of picking the input/output tablets
24  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: WaxBee Feature Requests on: May 11, 2016, 04:38:32 AM
Quote from: Ertew date=1462920708
Split templates to two independent files
Yes, You have very nice idea. Even better than I expected.
I have zero knowledge about Java (small about C and quite big about electronics) so please think about it without my support.

There are at least 4 different platforms with AtMega32U4:
- Teensy 2.0
- Arduino Leonardo (useless, too big to implement)
- Arduino Micro by Arduino
- Pro Micro by Sparkfun
Note size difference between A. Micro and P. Micro. There are available clones for both versions, but bigger board = higher price.

There are difference on LEDs:
 - Pro Micro have same RX/TX LEDs as Leonardo but and lack of User LED and some I/O pins.
 - Arduino Micro have same User LED as Leonardo. It also have same pins for RX/TX LEDs but logic for that LEDs are reversed!
So in my opinion, LEDs for Arduino & clones can be ignored at this moment. There are a lot of more important things to improve.

8Mhz Quartz & 3v3
AtMega32U4 should run at 8Mhz on lower voltage. As I see, Teensy have jumper to switch voltage, quartz should be divided at software level.
Arduino products are designed to be simply, 5V and 16Mhz for everyone. WaxBee can run at 8Mhz on Arduino. 5V only might cause a problem for digitizer, but We can talk about it later.
Sparkfun are a black sheep here. No jumpers, just two independent products: Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz and Pro Micro - 3.3V/8MHz.
Why It's so important for me? Because Pro Micro 8Mhz have very cheap clones with 3v3 LDO on board. That would be super easy for peoples to start.
What should be changed in code? As far as I know, code should be compiled as for 8Mhz on 16Mhz quartz, but prescaler for CPU and for PLL should be turned OFF. I'm searching for
PLL_CONFIG(); // config PLL
but can't found it.

Memory Types
Sorry about my poor language and putting messy there. If anything is unclear, please ask, I'll try to find example over network and send link.
The rules of fusebits & lockbits are:
1. Fusebits can be changed only via ISP with fusebits specified command. If board worked before, do not touch this. There You can brick board.
2. Lockbits can't brick the board, just block reading/overwriting of flash&eeprom.
3. To set lockbits You need specified fusebits command via ISP. Only way to clear lockbits are 'full chip erase' that wipes out flash.
4. Programming flash (burning bootloader) via ISP programmer always use 'full chip erase' command so after programming that way You should set lockbits manually.

Why I'm writing that? Because Teensy, Arduino, Pro Micro and some good clones have right settings for lockbits. That mean that bootloader can't overwrite itself and will crash exactly at 28k. Reset and bootloader works again.
Bad clones doesn't have right settings for lockbits. Bootloader can overwrite itself and brick itself. That happens to me with one board (rest wasn't tested yet).
As You can read on forum, I use old programmer to fix that. You probably need to build Your own by flashing 'ISP programmer sketch' into working clone or into one of Teensy boards.
25  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: WaxBee Feature Requests on: May 11, 2016, 04:34:04 AM
I am done with my changes... but I can do more.  Grin

Split templates to two independent files
Ah! I understand! to mix & match any input / output tablets instead of having to create all combinations upfront?  Sounds like a great idea! Hum...  What about doing a more generic "partial templates" concept? Like a "partial template" would only modify a "portion" of the values? We could create arbitrary grouping of data for any kind of feature and simply "apply" it.  Let me digest this concept a little to see how it could work out "easily" in the UI...

8Mhz Quartz
Are there 8Mhz Quartz AtMega32U4 systems out there? Can it be done all at runtime or do I need to recompile with a different F_CPU value (which could be problematic)?

Memory Types
I am not sure what you are asking here?  What can WaxBee do to help out?  Is it that easy to brick a Pro Micro ?! Like, you get it delivered (Pro Micro chinese clone), you flash *any* 29K size .hex using avrdude and you're toast?

I will be testing on a Pro Micro clone (will be a few weeks before I get it). Looking at the datasheet I just realized that the "Led" configuration is different than the Teensy 2.0. Well, actually *each* Atmega32u4 boards have their LEDs hooked to a different pin it seems. So I might add a "Led" setting to control where to lit up the Led.  And if I ever do that "partial template" thingy, I might have a series of template to "match" boards. (like the LED configuration and 8Mhz Quartz settings).  

Anyways, still sorting this out in my little head...
26  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / WaxBee Feature Requests on: May 11, 2016, 04:32:54 AM
Ertew was throwing ideas for some features for WaxBee. So here's a dump of our conversation to everybody's benefit. So I named it "feature request" so anybody can chime in to try to influence the direction of this project.  Grin

Quote from: Ertew
Hoooray. Good to know that new firmware version will fit into Pro Micros and clones with stock bootloader. Please keep going.

If You making changes, I have few ideas:

- Can You split templates to two independent flies: 'input' and 'output'?
By input I mean everything digitizer related, like ADB/ISDv4/serial IV protocol, resolution, tilt, maybe hardware buttons.
By output I mean everything USB emulation related, mainly type of tablet that was emulated (Intuos2, Intuos5, Graphite, Bamboo and different sizes of that tablets).
That change will allow users to build firmware from blocks and make easier to add new templates for new hardware.

- Actually CPU run at 16Mhz or half of it, while USB always run at 48Mhz (16Mhz quartz * PLL factor).
Can You add option to select 8Mhz Quartz speed? This option need to modify PLL settings, nothing more.

Last thing, that I forgot to mention in tutorial. AVRs have 5 different types of memory.
Flash, RAM and EEPROM are pretty obvious. Last two are fusebits and lockbits.
Fusebits are like jumpers on motherboard. If uC working, do not play with that. Wrong settings can disable crystal oscillator. Repairing that was quite funny.
Last thing are the lockbits. They can protect flash from being overwritten. If You have good settings here, writing more than 28k via bootloader will fail at 28k. Wrong settings results a broken bootloader = You need to buy/build an programmer and rewrite bootloader before next use.
If You take care about programming lockbits and not touch fusebuts, You should be able to recover broken Pro Micro.
27  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: How to "install" WaxBee converter on Arduino Pro Micro, clones or any ATmega32U4 on: May 11, 2016, 04:19:25 AM
Good to know it works for you. Smiley The smallest bootloader for this CPU that I know of is 1.5K (or maybe that was 1K) -- some are 2K, and the rest is 4K (like the stock one). Nothing coming close to Teensy's bootloader at 0.5K. Paul is great at optimizing stuff.
28  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Interfacing a TabletPC digitizer on: May 10, 2016, 05:39:17 AM
Another theory about the stop:

I was peeking at previous threads -- now I remember the ISDV4 protocol has a "start" and "stop" command.  It is the character "0" and "1" respectively.   It also has a * command. You might have to press return (but not sure).

You do have the TXD (or the data transmission pin) going to the tablet connected, right?  If it is not connected, then, again, floating.. might actually echo the RXD and if a "1" is sent (and echoed), then it would stop itself.

Can you send commands like with your keyboard (how are you setup anyway?) 
29  Screen Tablet malarky / Tablet Conversion to USB / Re: Waxbee on Windows 10 on: May 10, 2016, 04:56:15 AM
Found a picture of a dismantled pen in my old "Wacom Science" thread.   But it is wrong type.

This is a Intuos2: full digital stuff. I see no pots in there (but I saw pots on other Intuos2 -- so it must be there?). And the button's plastic "snap" is completely different.  tabs of the plastic thingy like the intuos2 -- again not matching your model

Another picture to stare at:

I am pretty sure I have a similar pen somewhere in here.

I'll continue searching...
30  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Interfacing a TabletPC digitizer on: May 10, 2016, 04:00:55 AM
There might be a pin to "activate" ("enable") the board.  If this is floating (as in unconnected), then... same stuff (or rather influenced by environment).

I should search and re-read the posts and docs we have for this to remind me. It's been a while...

These ISDV4 boards were always a bit of a mystery. They do not all behave the same. Information is typically very difficult to come by.

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