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1  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: July 04, 2013, 05:08:04 PM

I'm also working on eDP to DP. I got a intel DQ77KB motherboard, and made a cable to connect to its eDP port.

I want to connect to a normal 24" monitor which has a DP connector.

has anyone made the eDP to DP cable working??


Ha, my exams are over and I'm back!
I'm not quite sure if I'm reading this right. I toyed with DQ77KB motherboard because it was quite compatible to the iPad retina with acceptable power characteristics and easy to find adaptors. If you want to connect a DP monitor, you are better off with getting a normal motherboard and connecting the DP cable straight to it-most motherboards come with DP port.
2  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: March 20, 2013, 01:13:27 AM
There's something for the Retina iPad but it uses DVI?? WTF.

I am wondering how much this kit cost.

PS - they replace site buy another picture. Before it was render of PCB with "eDP to DP LP097QX1 adapter board" wrote on it

I ordered universal kit from lvds to dvi/vga from ebay and works fine with UXGA panel, also in windows prosperities i have a lot of another resolutions which I can choose (2560x1600 max)
of course not work with panel but if i plug 30" 2560x1600 to it, wondering if will work.

They are 200USD!!! No way I'm paying that much for a controller board.
3  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / eDP Controller boards-overpriced, but available on: March 20, 2013, 01:12:16 AM
As many of you know, I am playing around with many LCDs that have eDP interface. The neat thing about these displays are that the LCD uses the DisplayPort signals and don't really need a board to drive them other than to power them.

If you are interested in buying a controller board rather than making one yourself, you can get one from these guys for 200USD. I, however, finds the pricing point of these boards RIDICULOUS and is continuing with my DIY.

I've emailed them and they told me the controller is compatible with iPad retina displays, and should also be compatible with many others. They do ship international as well.

The price is again quite high and the iPad screens and most eDP screens in general like the LP129 screen from the Pixel have annoying 2:3 or 3:4 ratios and will be quite hard to work with. Still, if you have the money to burn, go ahead.

4  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: Powering LED backlight in LCD, PWM vs simple DC on: March 12, 2013, 10:23:36 PM
Aerendraca, your post is a gem!
5  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Powering LED backlight in LCD, PWM vs simple DC on: March 12, 2013, 09:08:52 AM
As many-or maybe not- of you know, I'm engaged in a process of running an eDP LCD panel from LG for the Google's Pixel device. One of the most problematic things are powering it.
At the moment, I'm thinking of powering with a simple variable DC supply. However, I saw a couple of PWM pins on the LCD panel. Would it be possible to power it using PWM, like a LED circuit powered by Arduino PWM?
Also, if I am powering it via PWM, would I still need the DC power connection-from the variable psu?
6  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: March 10, 2013, 09:21:46 PM
Ack, I thought I edited my comment, and now it's gone. Tongue

Is the problem the backlight power? Could you remove the backlight and install a completely new LED strip/driver combo? I did that with an LP150E05 for a build and it worked great. The kit was easy to install, and had a 6-out driver that works with many controllers. A bit expensive though, cost about $100 shipped for the LED strip and driver.
That's interesting, I've never tried it. Strip the backlight, install a new one?
Sigh, I will have to use a bigger LED though, the Pixel screen is 3:2 ratio 12.85, it was nearly godamn impossible to find a digitizer and touch screen that fit.
7  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: March 10, 2013, 09:16:28 PM
AFAIK one problem is that noone can find a cable with an embedded Displayport to DisplayPort (or miniDisplayPort). The other, of course, is power.

Also, it seems eDP can have 44/40/30/20 pins and the LP154WT1 (Retina MacBook 15"),  the B131HW02 (Vaio Z 1080p) and the LP097QX1 (Retina iPad) uses a 30 pin but LP129QE (Chromebook Pixel) has 40 apparently.

There's something for the Retina iPad but it uses DVI?? WTF.
The real problem is interfacing the backlight. Because it is an eDP, eDP to DP cable can be easily implemented. However, since we are not using a controller board, supplying enough power to the backlight is a problem.
Also, even you happen to have DP - eDP cable, you still need to take it apart because there is simply not enough power to power the backlight.
8  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: March 10, 2013, 09:12:26 PM
I have some experience and might be able to help out with the electrical part, what do you need help with?

Thanks. At the moment I'm trying to get my eDP LCD's backlight driven off the variable power supply, then I might try out the LP8552.
Btw, since LP8552 only supports upto 6 Vout power and since the LCD has 8 pins for power, am I screwed?
9  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: March 07, 2013, 04:14:02 PM
Lol, trust me, eDP to DP is the easy part...
I'm currently playing around with LP129QE-the Chromebook Pixel screen. Backlight power in this thing is motherf!@#$!#$ difficult. None of my led drivers are compatible and it has annoying 7 power-cathode- connections, which means I cannot use most of the 6 out controllers. I might just risk hooking it up to my power supply and see if it works. But this is going to be risky though.

eDP to DP is very straightforward, no DSP necessary, the clock and signals are standardized by the VESA and should work. Only problem is again the power, it's annoying the crap out of me.

If there is any electrical engineers out there I would love some help, there is a limit to what a first year can do.

PS: Logic power can be easily driven from a DP power pin out, just make sure you use an appropriate voltage regulator for the job.
PPS:  LA10EM006-2N I didn't manage find it, but again, the signals are straightforward.
PPPS: If there is anyone here who owns a PCB mill-cnc or whatever- and lives in Australia, I'm currently building a PCB for LG eDP 40 pin to DP board. Backlight would have to be powered otherwise though. I would appreciate it if someone can print it out before the school starts.
10  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: February 17, 2013, 05:33:42 PM
For people who have been PMing me recently:
This document is pretty neat and contains the pinout match up for eDP to DP. Keep it in mind that most eDP LCDs do NOT have same pin numbering, but pins themselves are the same.
Page 13.
11  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: eDP-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage on: February 17, 2013, 04:55:37 PM
hello, I never heard about eDP -- I recently heard about some link that would only send the "modified" pixels -- which is kinda neat (that saves power)  -- is it the same as eDP?  -- can't remember who did that comment on the forum.

Yes, but not until recently. PSR-Panel Self Refresh only came around 1.3.
I've been working my ass off to get the retina screen work, only to find out that it was a 4:3 and completely useless on my intuos. I might sell it off to a friend of mine.
At the moment, the sheer annoyance of handling eDP is just not worth the high res stuffs. Almost all displays and sources that supports eDP have different connectors/mates, which are relatively cheap but take long time to find and ship. The eDP to DP cable is straightforward enough, but it is long laborious process, and you can get a jitter like me if you are unlucky.
12  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: New Ipad display? on: January 24, 2013, 02:17:41 AM
Well, as far as I know, the device kinda runs itself Wink, all it needs is a displayport connection.
I'm interested in this touchscreen+digitizer idea. I didn't know you could add a touch screen just for finger inputs on top of a wacom digitizer.
The iPad digitizers are no go. I heard they have custom drivers etc that make them very hard for any DIYs.
13  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: New Ipad display? on: January 23, 2013, 05:39:34 PM
Sorry about double post, but I have an update:

I was checking connections with a meter and found that one of the drive power connections was faulty. After that....voila! It works perfectly if not crude. The under scanning is gone, no more flickering etc.
i'm going to re-emphasize DIY eDP to DP cable, if confused or lost look at the VESA pdf for eDP, the pinouts are pretty straightforward.
The only hard-relatively- is the power. You will probably need 3.3V for the display and a separate power for the back lights. It's on pg 4 and 5 of the LG pdf.

Btw, I just found out that this screen is tad bit smaller and narrower than intuos5Med. All other tablets lack the touch function which I love. Any 4:3 similar size tabs with touch?

PS: I will take the pics when I get my camera back.
14  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: New Ipad display? on: January 23, 2013, 05:13:46 PM
Hi Legokangpalla,

From what I understand the maximum resolution supported by Dual link DVI is 2560x1600 and I think the way the screen processes this using LVDS is by parallel processing the two incoming signals (possibly 2 LVDS controllers operating different parts of the screen? Not sure).

eDP and DP are both topics that have recently popped up on the forums recently, but as far as I know nobody has tried them out with a DIY Cintiq yet, could you be the first? Wink

Yep, no way this thing is running off single LDVS. It is eDP, several sources confirmed that. Now, you can use dual DVI on it...but since eDP is never heard of out there, you would need eDP to DP cable, and then DP to DVI...which is kind of pointless because DP already supports the resolution and more.

Just for everyone's information, I tried my damnest hard to get this thing work. I will just write down what I tried.
 1. I got a QM77 chipset motherboard with eDP connection. However, it was only 2 lanes so that was no go.
 2. I tried what Bill did in that other forum. Get the datasheet, figure out the pin outs, and make your own eDP to DP cable! This took ridiculously long time despite my two years of ElecEng at uni.
   a) you need a separate power source which is quite easy.
   b) I am getting problems with the back light, it's flickering quite bad.
   c) There is under scanning on the sides.
   d) I haven't been able to figure out the two above.
  3. I am trying to get in contact with Bill to see if his setup worked or if he's having similar problems. From the sound of it he's almost there as well, I think he is thinking of selling those cables.

Chopping off the end of an eDP cable and soldering it to DP is quite easy. Just use these pdfs to get the pinouts. - for ipad retina. If you are having trouble with Korean, ask me for help-I'm a Korean. Pinouts are in English though. -DP

Although I would like to think that eDP and DP pinouts are somewhat similar and therefore can be passively adjusted, I'm a bit skeptical in this matter.
15  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: New Ipad display? on: January 22, 2013, 02:29:53 AM
I was thinking of something on the same line. I originally built my knockoff-cintiq to be a more note/drawing friendly touch screen for my portable desktop. I just wanted to update people on the new info:
1. Most new 2560*1XXX resolution screens cannot be driven by the standard LDVS-although I think I saw one with 50 pin...those things are rarer than gems- and are driven by eDPs. Most new intel processors supports them, however the problem in finding a eDP to DP cable/adapter. ie) you do not need a controller board for the display, but you need the adapter which is harder to find-outside of china.
2. on my 12 inch FHD screen, I had to install several windows "skins" and change interface size. ie) I do not think the compatibility of PPI and windows is that big of a deal. However, I found even 12 inch somewhat small, so if you are having trouble drawing on your 10 inch tablet, then you are better off finding a better screen.
3. Those 3rd gen iPad screens are quite expensive, around 200 for the cheapest one I could find, even then I had to ask my Chinese friend to call the supplier and ask for the specifics.

There was a guy at the laptop2video forum called Bill and he made his own custom cable for eDP. I've also made a reply there with links from intel and others trying out the eDP interface, go check them out if you'd like.
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