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1  Screen Tablet malarky / Build Logs / Re: Unneeded-i-Q 2 - Il ritorno on: June 13, 2018, 09:32:17 PM
Then, a combination of a shallow acrylic foil and my beloved black adhesive tape to cover the hole where the buttons reside, and a sheet with printed the Intuos  short-cuts completed the opera.  



Here we can see it in its final resting place, below its beautiful big sister, the sleek UbiQ3.

Oddly enough, "3" has to use a VGA whereas this runs on the DVI.


So, how does it go?

It is a bit jittery - nothing excessive, I have drawn plenty of stuff with the old Cabinetiq when it was on the fritz and behaved worse than this.

Also, I have to see if my usual common-mode choke trick on the USB line has any effect on this build [Note after the fact: it has no effect].

However, my desire making this was to have, for when I use "UbiQ3", the same kind of "auxiliary palettes holder" that I use with my main machine, and that integrated well with the look of "3" (which was my first build with "all inside the original case").

I have to say that it appears I have done a good work, from that point of view, and I can live with a bit of jitter.  

2  Screen Tablet malarky / Build Logs / Re: Unneeded-i-Q 2 - Il ritorno on: June 13, 2018, 09:04:59 PM
I decided to place the LCD buttons on the front lateral side of the case, and to cut the wacom metal plane to let the cable through.


By the way, anybody knows what material is? it proved much, much more brittle than I expected.  


When I placed back the Intuos 2, I manage to get the FFC from the screen to slide between the metal shield and the Intuos circuitry board, then attached the ZIF-to-ZIF plaque to the metal shield with bi-adhesive tape.


At this point, it had become mostly connecting everything together, manage the cables paths, and close the case with all in it.

3  Screen Tablet malarky / Build Logs / Unneeded-i-Q 2 - Il ritorno on: June 13, 2018, 08:50:27 PM
I still had a pretty scrappy looking Intuos 2 12x12 lying around.

My nephew "killed" his laptop (again), and gave me the screen from it... an Innolux N156BGE-E41.
It is Twisted Nematics, 1366x768 and 6 bit - in other words, crap - so for a while I resisted.

But it also has a perimetre-only frame, and the TCON is already out of the way.
No modding required!!!!   WOW, so easy - temptation, temptation.

Finally, I caved in, ordered a controller kit, a ZIF-ZIF extender and 40 cm of FFC (30 lines, 0.5 mm pitch)  

First thing, this LCD has pretty bad viewing angles for  a modern screen (but better than the ones in the LP156WH2 that was in the laptop before this last). As I think to keep it on a desk, I had to turn it upside-down in the build, as it is visible virtually only from "above" its centre line of sight, and I was going to be below it most of the time.  

Unfortunately, this means that its TCON has to be in the middle of the active area! Not ideal, but it beats not seeing the picture in the screen at all.


Having already walked the ways of Bongofish, in a day (once all the pieces were at hand) I managed to mount it all together

I carved a hole in the front of the Intuos case - surprise, this panel is as thick as the reinforcement ridges in the back of Intuos 2 fronts are tall, so it was simple to decide where to leave it.

Inside,below the original case surface, kept in place by spacers glued-soldered to the front.

To avoid worrying about interactions between its frame and the Intuos antennas board, I placed my now customary polyethylene shield behind it. A 1/3rd of mm well spent.


I placed the kit board at the bottom of the Intuos case, aside the location of the Intuos circuitry board


Them , I glued a piece of 3mm glass in the hole.
4  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: Monitors/Laptops screens; That jitter and that don't!! on: June 13, 2018, 07:53:19 PM
1. Jitters
2. 2 - 3, some false clicks
3. Intuos 2 A4 tall (XD-1212-u)
4. Innolux N156BGE-E41, VGA/HDMI controller
5. 1366x768
6. No
7. I had a Intuos 2 12x12 lying around, my nephew gave me a LCD that he salvaged from his last dead laptop - it was an ugly TN thing, but it also had no metal backplate inside the screen area, its circuit board is in the same plane as the lcd - no need for modding -  so I decided to try anyway. It is a bit more jittery than I care for, it has abysmal viewing angles, low resolution and it is wider than the screen active area by some 70 pixels on each side.
8. No, unless the cosmos conspires against you (I had it gratis, an Intuos 2 I bought last as "possibly scrapped", for 10Euros, it does not require modding - how could I resist?)
5  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: ThinkPad's EMR pen and Wacom's UD tablet on: January 20, 2018, 04:55:56 PM
tilt is also good.

X41T pens have tilt? Wow i had no idea, the X61T ones dont have it. It also appears the X41T pen has two buttons instead of 1 - do they work?

Tilt is not detected by the pen, I think, but rather by the tablet so, if the tablet sees the pen at all and it has Tilt detection (the UD have it) it seems reasonable.

Also, I kind of remember having read somewhere of some TabletPC device that suddenly "gained" tilt detection after a firmware upgrade - it is entirely possible that all the various "TabletPcs" are really spawns of the UD hardware, "mutilated" in firmware to preserve the uniqueness of features of the top of the line Intuoses.

Commercially, it makes sense to reuse a older design, updated to exploit modern components in order to cost less but not requiring more than a simple testing of the assembled product, than developing a really different one, and it is used very often - in almost every field...

6  General Category / Can't stop building / Re: Universal "Programmable Macro keyboard Controller" - Work in progress on: January 16, 2018, 05:22:32 PM
I opened a sourceforge page for downloading it,
7  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Calcomp tablets for drawing? on: January 06, 2018, 10:16:41 PM
Some of us are pretty curious about the CalComps, though I fail to remember anybody ever having access to one (they reach, indeed, to truly epic sizes, but their intended mission usually imply more accuracy than responsiveness, which are usually competing specifics... to improve accuracy, often it is good to average the reading of the position /pressure values,  but it introduces lag as the position of the pen is determined at the end of the moving average).

It should be nice to know how is their accuracy/responsiveness, and if the driver has options like the length of the moving average window, or the coefficient of a geometric mean - (i.e. a way for the user to adjust the tablet's responsiveness-accuracy to their needs).

Linux Wacom driver has that option, and would be not for Lazy Nezumi (which allows to control precisely that),  I would probably have to go Linux-Gimp to use my drawing machines.

I would love to know if the Calcomps allow to modify such a parameter, and  have a reasonable responsiveness in their fastest mode.

I usually draw with anything between 10 to 400 ms of lag (smoothing on a moving window of 2 to 40 sampling values), depending on how stable I need my lines to be...

8  General Category / Can't stop building / Universal "Programmable Macro keyboard Controller" - Work in progress on: January 06, 2018, 03:37:48 PM

- Just for windows, for now...

I was a bit frustrated with the small bugs of HIDMacros, and its limitations...

I finally took a bit of time to take a peek into it successor, LuaMacros.

While I may like the general idea (any key on any keyboard, available for firing its very shortcut), I found it - too-  a bit "wooden" for use by non-programmers...

I set forth to build a Java "wrapper" for it, that allows configuration, "switching on and off" the keyboard grabbing, track and reassign the attached keyboards on swapping their USB port (or, at least, making straightforward "attaching" the "new" shortcuts keyboard to the macros used by it) 

Per the "magic" I used to get LuaMacros and my Java thing to communicate, It already is able to handle HTML "virtual keyboards"... in fact, I had to  write some such "keyboards" while I was writing it on my old XP machine.

think like, an old tablet with "buttons" for your drawing software, that can be changed with a click on a link...  

This thing is an Alpha (not even a beta), as I am finishing up the last two features and I suppose I will find bugs for some more months, once I start using it to draw, but I really hope that somebody will take the time to peek into it and give me a feedback, as I feel that I am losing steam ...

Note: If I remember well, its starts just detecting the keyboards. The, to know which is which, you have to "enable" them and push a key.
When it receives an event from an unknown device, it posp up a windows asking to name it, if you want to use it and if it is one of those odd numeric pads that keep an autonomous num lock (which send three keyevents in a fracton of second, when "their" numlock is diferent from the system).

Switch it on, identify your main keyboard and "disable" the grabbing of its events, then you wiill be able to play with the other keyboards.

Hope to post a proper beta (buggy, but all features running) in a few days.


9  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Huion tablet? on: November 11, 2017, 09:44:53 PM
I think that the Giano "is" the digitzer behind Huion 15.6" "Cintiq" (The Huion Kamvas GT-156 hd), so any 15,6" [16:9] or 15,4" [16:10] screen should do.

(eventually, check on the Simtiq Planner, as I am not sure the 15.4 wouldn't end inside the band of "fast shortcuts" placed at the top of the Giano).  

Unfortunately, as far as I know, nobody has tried to use the Giano to date, so there is no ready recipe (I tried once with the Huion H610... it didn't go as well as I hoped,as the LG LP116WH2 that I chose really messed things up).

Try with a good  15.6 16:9 full-HD screen (the GT-156 is full-HD, so probably the frequencies in the Giano are already trimmed to "live" with a full-HD)

On a side note, if you already have the Giano tablet, let us know how it goes.

If you still have to buy the tablet, consider the fact that the aforementioned GT-156hd clocks in at about 600 bucks - you can also find 21.5" GT220 on amazon for 500,  but you should look for  a Rev 2 or Rev 3, as the intial model was a bit botched- and it comes with a warranty and a decent support.

The Giano costs about 140  bucks (last time I eyed one), a good screen can set you back a hundred then one may need some ancillaries, so the economic convenience of building on the Huion is questionable (and really depends on how confident you are at modding the LCDs... a couple of burnt screens and you are on par with the cost of the Kamvas )... they do not really gauge one's left eye for their machines.

Personally, I thought about giving a try to the Giano, but I realized that for the cost of the tablet alone I could build another of my Intuos 2 "A3" machines (In fact. I managed to build my last one with little more than 150 Euros) .

And... I just love the Intuos2.

10  Screen Tablet malarky / Build Logs / Re: 15" (4:3) Intuos 3 -> LCD tablet + finger touch (+palm rejection!!) on: November 07, 2017, 05:48:40 PM
Theoretically, one could write a "filter driver" to hook in the devices chain, to cut out the touch input when the pen hovers the active area (as far as I can tell, it is the same method used by Wacom).

Of course, writing drivers is not the simplest thing to do....
11  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: ExpressKey Remote with old wacom drivers on: October 25, 2017, 07:48:05 PM
The service for Intuos 2 & 3 is "TabletServiceWacom" (executable, "Wacom_Tablet.exe").

The service for the Intuos 4 and beyond, as far as I know, is "Wacom Professional Service"(executable, WTabletServicePro).

Alas, it is not just a matter of these, there are also all the "kernel drivers" (some wacomxxxx.sys programs that are in %winsows%\system32\drivers


), which are supposedly what communicates with the components of the tablet just above the USB level.

It is probable that the Expresskey remote has its own ".sys" kernel driver and user level service, so maybe it is possible to get it to run with the Intuos 2.

Wacom drivers are also more than a bit finicky... for example, the 6.2.0_w5 driver should manage the Intuos 4 and 5,  this latter also in the versions with the touch interface (that has its own service, something with "touch" in its name), but in none of my computers it accepted to work with the Intuos 4!

It sees it, "installs" it, lights up the OLED and sees the tablet in mouse mode, then ask for a reboot.

After the reboot, it doesn't see the stupid thing, until I unplug and replug it... at which point it"re-installs" the I 4 and I am back to square 1. Annoying.

Whereas, the does not support any touch interface, but it can manage the Intuos 4 (as long as I do not unplug it... if I do, the "kernel driver"sometimes crashes, and I have to restart the pc).
12  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: dropped 21UX 2nd gen not responding to stylus. on: October 24, 2017, 11:24:02 AM
Glass is a slippery material.

Unless you get it etched in the areas you need to paint, or have a specific paint, the tendency to peel off is to be expected. 

(By the way, for both things, the easiest way to do it is going to a local glass shop and ask them - they likely have the right paint and can even etch the borders to make it stick better, if necessary... )
13  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: ExpressKey Remote with old wacom drivers on: October 13, 2017, 11:04:09 AM
As far as I know, the last Wacom driver that works with the Intuos 2 is the 6.2.0_w5, however I do not think that it supports the ExpressKey remote, which is a shame because it is really a nice piece of hardware and I know it does not work with my Intuos 4 (errata corrige, I meant intuos 2).

You can try and look if they released a newer driver for the Intuos 2, in which case, let me know.

Personally, to "emulate" the ExpressKey, I use a wireless numeric pad with "function stickers" on the keys
in conjunction with a "daemon" that changes its configuration files depending onn the active windows executable.

Pretty crude, no display and you must find a work to get it to keep position once the rubber pads at its back fall off (the grease from the hand palm "sneaked up" and dissolved the glue, in a couople of months - I am using a counterweighted parallelogram, reminiscent of some old technical drafting machines ), but it works...

P.S. would you mind publish a photo of your finished build? When I made my first Intuos 2 XL build, I didn't realize that your machine was a functional one until after I bought a first screen... you managed to get it working, and never posted a shot of the completed thing.
14  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: Monitors/Laptops screens; That jitter and that don't!! on: October 09, 2017, 12:37:39 PM
I finally decided to buy a colorimeter, calibrated and profiled all of my monitors ( next time, Spyder [1-5] PRO is to be preferred, as it supports multi monitor, while the "Express" goes out of his way to avoid you using a different version of the profile it create for each monitors).

Not sure if the colorimeter itself has not some instrumental derive, as they all seems a bit "orange" now... maybe I was just used to screens pushing out a bit too much blue (*).

UbiQ2 and UBiQ3 ( LG IPS224v, LG 20MP48a ) have virtually the same profile, and are very similar to the Dell 19" that I thought to use as "repeater" in case UBiQ2 was  worse.

The LP097x02 SLEA (from the Ipad 1 - 2 ) of  the MiniQ gets spanked in a horrible way (even by the stegosaurus of my monitors, the IBM 9493 I tried to use  for an A4 build, that still manages a 77% of sRGB and a 59% of AdobeRGB against MiniQ 68%-50%... I forgot to take a shot of that, my bad).  

Further enquiries have led me to discover that these colorimeters are calibrated to emulate light from the Sun - at 6500 k - reflected by paper, as their purpose it to get the screens a bit closer to how printed photos would be seen in daylight, whereas most LCD screens are natively set to work with a colder hue - so that the profiled screens produce a "warmer" tone is simply to be expected.

15  Screen Tablet malarky / Gallery of Cool / Re: Drawings made with UBiQ2 (Intuos 2 12x18, LG IPS224v - very minor jittering) on: October 08, 2017, 08:37:05 PM
I really like your drawing style; I particularly like the last picture of john's spirit.

Wowser from me as well.  Nicely done.

Thanks. In effect, building my "...IQ"s helped me more than a bit, as I have not the steadiest hand on the planet, and using detached tablets  was a bother when doing this kind of drawings.

Meshing screen and tablet together was more or less "what the doctor orders".

Only thing, If I had bought an Intuo 4 XL instead of the L that I got, I would probably have built only one of these things, instead of five...
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