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1  General Category / Suggestions / Re: Problem with "Hardware Talk" subforum on: July 30, 2016, 07:36:15 PM
I deleted my post after i found the solution to my problem, a tablet pc driver from wacom.
2  Screen Tablet malarky / Build Logs / Re: HuiQ: Huion H610 and LG-Philips LP116WH2 or, one stroke of bad luck. on: July 28, 2016, 08:32:26 PM
Old thread i know, but over the past week i've tried this out as well, and i've tried everything to try to get rid of the clicking and jitter but no amount of shielding seems to help.

Another phenomena i noticed is that in certain spots on the lcd panel, if i hover above it, the pen detection led goes crazy and cursor jitter around, which causes all kinds of double clicks and what not.

A video:

There is only one single thing i have not yet tried, and that would be soldering a wire to a ground point where the board attach to the frame(mostly removed except for a trimmed piece holding the backligt leds strip and the board in place) and a ground point on the tablet board, but given the issues i doubt thats actually gonna do anything.

Another thing i've thought of trying is using the usb wires for the webcam thats already included in the lvds cable going to the lcd panel, though i don't see what difference that would make compared to having a short usb cable from one of the laptops external ports.
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