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1  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Fujitsu T904 Screen Help? on: February 06, 2017, 11:29:45 AM
Sad news:
You don't have any dim or extra bright strips. Next, border between good and bad parts are vertical and very sharp border. So backlight wasn't Your problem.

IMO there are 90% chance that You have broken driver chips or broken connection between driver chips and main PCB. Other options: broken main PCB of the LCD module or broken graphic card, graphic memory, etc.
What I mean by driver chips? Look here: (start from 18:20). LCD module contain: backlight, optical part, LCD glass, PCB and driver chips. That chips are mounted on flex sheets and connected between glass and main PCB.

If I'm right, is it possible to repair? That depend. If driver chip are broken, You cannot repair it.
If You have only broken connection between chip and main PCB, You will fix it as long as You push flex sheet to the main PCB. In this case, trained person with soldering station should be able to fix it.

Ahh I see, in that case I'll try again to find someone who will be willing to take the screen apart to look at it. If not I'll have to try to replace it with a similar screen. Thank you for the information and the video!
2  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Fujitsu T904 Screen Help? on: February 01, 2017, 06:50:13 PM
Hey everyone,

I asked about a problem I have with my Fujitsu T904's screen in a thread around here about a month ago, and was very grateful to get some help but I'm not sure where to go from there- I'm not very well versed in hardware problems haha.
But first I'd like to ask for a second opinion on what the problem might be. A few months after getting this laptop, I opened it up one day to a dim vertical band near the middle of the screen, where the brightness was visibly lower than the rest of the screen; it stayed the same for months and then just recently, in the last month or so, degraded severely:

There is significant color distortion, light flickering, and an intense heat at the bottom of the band now. I'm certain that this is a problem with some component of the screen as I've updated the video drivers and when connected to another screen the distortion is not there. To my limited understanding this seems like an LED strip problem, but perhaps it's a problem with some connection? I've asked several local computer repair places and none have been able to give me a confident answer and they've all been unwilling to take a look at it. The screen is a Sharp LQ133T1JW17.

If it is an LED strip problem, could someone give me some pointers on finding a compatible replacement? Or some help with whatever the problem might be. I wish this thing wasn't worth the hassle of trying to fix it, I would just give up and replace it if I didn't like it so much. I'd just replace the whole screen if I could actually find it anywhere, but it seems to have almost entirely disappeared after the T904 was discontinued.

Thanks in advance!
3  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Fujitsu T904 based build - 2K 13" screen - digitizer connector? on: December 21, 2016, 01:07:25 PM
I don't see why not - worst case is you'll have to transfer the digitizer from your old screen onto the new one. They're just stuck on the back with some adhesive, it's not a big deal. You don't even need to stick them on super accurately either, as running a calibration should compensate for any slight offsets. You can even stick it onto a screen without a digitizer if it's cheaper, though nowadays the price is usually the same with or without one. As for the LED strip, they're often a size and arrangement specific to the panel, you can search eBay for a suitable replacement.

Ok, understood. Thank you so much for the help!
4  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Fujitsu T904 based build - 2K 13" screen - digitizer connector? on: December 20, 2016, 08:33:21 PM
Hey, sorry for the slow replies!

Look for similar ones from Sharp on that use the same pinout on their datasheet. Most starting with "LQ133T1JW" ought to be interchangeable, but check the datasheet just to be sure. If your current panel only has a backlight issue, you should be able to swap out the LED strip with a new one. There's plenty of LQ133T1JW02's on eBay, seems like the main difference is that they're thicker and taller than the W17's by just half a millimeter.

Thank you so much for the link- do you know if I would be able to exchange the screen with any of those other ones and still keep the digitizer and drawing capabilities intact? I use this for all of my art so I really need to keep its drawing ability, and I'm not sure if the digitizer is a separate piece or somehow bound to the screen itself. Also, would I need any kind of specific LED strip to just replace that, or could I find that more easily? I'm sorry if these are obvious questions or anything, I don't know much about screens. I've figured that it is probably a light problem because I have a vertical band on the screen with color distortion and flickering and heat at the bottom, but every computer specialist I've been to has been unwilling to help or open the screen to check this. I was wondering if I could simply replace the LED strip which would be obviously ideal.

Hey, no need to be sorry, and welcome to the forums! Smiley

I found it on a local auction site, but I can't see it available anymore. Depending on your location, you might want to set up alerts for these parts on ebay or other services, via rss or otherwise. You'll hit your part within 2-3 months usually, unless it's really rare. You can also try AliExpress, it should be available there either new or refurbished.

Thank you! I've been periodically checking ebay but I think I'll set up alerts for it, thank you for the suggestion. I checked out AliExpress and can't seem to find it in stock there, but I have found it on Alibaba for what I'm assuming was only wholesale, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to buy only one piece. The T904 and its parts seem to get more scarce over time so I hope I can find it somewhere.
5  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Fujitsu T904 based build - 2K 13" screen - digitizer connector? on: November 22, 2016, 09:59:50 PM
Hi guys,

Some time ago Fujitsu released a very nice machine, the T904.
It came with a great screen, the Sharp LQ133T1JW17, which is an 2560 x 1440 IPS panel, and has a Wacom digitizer of course.
The panel uses a  4-lane 40 pin DP for a connector, that makes it pretty straightforward to connect to anything display-wise.

I found one of these screens sold by a local laptop repair shop, and would like to get my hands on one of these to attempt a conversion to a standalone drawing tablet.

However, they are expensive, and I don't know what kind of connector I may expect from the Wacom electronics.
What typical connectors do those digitizers use?
What issues driver-side can I run into when converting it to USB? It's gonna run on Linux mostly, since I use Krita, so a lot of things should be... troubleshootable  Cheesy

The digitizer that goes with it is marked as follows:
I can't find any info on these though. T904 is a rare and expensive machine that has recently been discontinued.

Is there a chance I'll end up with an inoperable digitizer if I decide to grab one of those screens?
Someone push me over the edge, cause I want one of these badly, but wouldn't like to end up with a pretty expensive brick.
I'm not afraid of hardcore de/soldering or etching my own flex cables, as long as I know I can get this thing working in a finite amount of time.

Hey, sorry to butt in like this, but may I ask where you found this screen for sale, and if it's still in stock? I have a T904 with a faulty screen (seems like a light problem) and have been trying desperately to find a replacement with almost no luck. I'd really appreciate it, thank you.
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