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1  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Cintiq 21UX with a Severed Cable - Can We Restore It to Working Order? on: May 16, 2017, 08:03:37 AM
Panel mount power connectors came in and they're a perfect fit. They'd make for one ugly cable, but I can at least test some theories with them. This is suddenly a bit scary, because this will be a major triumph if the Cintiq was all working besides the cable, and I wouldn't want my inexperience to be the thing that fried it. So, in administering this next bit of advice, please treat me as you would an idiotic five-year-old holding his soldering iron upside down - no big words, assume I know absolutely nothing, and be very clear if I'm about to destroy anything.  Grin

DVI cable is a cinch. USB should be easy to solder up (red-to-red, the black pin is definitely connected to the ground plane, etc., and even if someone has funny ideas about the standard color code it's unlikely anything will explode). I don't entirely understand the "why" of this dual-channel power cable, but then I never quite grokked V=IR, either. I do know that the two black pins going into the served cable read as 0 Ohms across, as do the two white pins, the black pins read at 0 to a grounded screw and the white pins read at infinity, and a white to a black reads at infinity. Four pins as a hedge against large amperages, but effectively just one white V-in and a ground, yes?

Plugging the power supply into the connector yields similar results - two pins are common to each other, as are the other two, the two sets are not connected, both sets of pins read at infinity to the left and right prongs of the barrel connector going into the power supply unit, and only one set of pins read as 0 to the third middle (presumably "ground") prong.

So does this mean the repair may be as simple as wiring up the USB line color-to-color, soldering the black common-ground pins out of the Cintiq into the pair of pins that connects to the middle prong of the power supply cable and the whites to the other pair, and slapping in a DVI cable?  Shocked

take some high-res photos of the right board and one of the 18 input groups

Gladly, but the lighting in my shop is atrocious. I'll haul it upstairs to take some proper pictures before I button it back up, one way or another; I'm also curious what the heck is going on with some of this circuitry.

Can you please clarify what you mean by the "18 input groups"?  Huh
2  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Cintiq 21UX with a Severed Cable - Can We Restore It to Working Order? on: May 13, 2017, 05:15:23 AM
Everything arrived, and nothing was quite what I expected.  Cheesy

Screen looks almost pristine, so even when I confirm this thing is offically dead I might be able to part it out. Took the back of the case off and peeled some tape - what's this?

I knew this was possible and it still utterly shocks the armchair engineer in me. If you're going to put a full-size DVI connector head in your product, why the heck wouldn't you just mount it two inches lower and make it accessible to the user?  Huh

Thankfully, it will make testing this thing a relative breeze. The USB connector was as expected, red=V+5/black=GND/green=D-/white=D+ wires that couldn't be any more standard (though please speak up if Wacom has different ideas about what the colors mean). It's the damned power connector that was the most unexpected part:

Two white wires, and two black wires? Why does a power connector need four separate pins in the first place? Is this thing expecting two separate power rails and two separate grounds because of the amperage these things draw? I'm beyond confused here...

Only needing to deal with eight wires is a huge relief. There's hope for this thing yet! Also, I must say, the microelectronic design skills on display here are mighty impressive. I just had an earlier touchscreen monitor open looking for bad caps a few weeks ago, and it was an absolute mess compared to this. Like, what's an electrolytic? Cheesy

So the good news is it looks like all I need is a pinout for the power connector and I might actually be somewhere. Bad news is the DIN connector I ordered was waaay too big for the power adapter. Apparently I need a mini 4-pin DIN, but I strongly suspect the "Philmore EML4" connector I just bought will arrive looking exactly like an S-video connector. I got a 5-pack of these uxcell cheapie panel mounts, as well, but unless I can disassemble one I might be better off just chopping up the power adapter.

the thief that tried to steal it

I honestly hadn't considered it might be stolen, because I have a small amount of experience with the aftermath of equipment liquidation. If you haven't had the pleasure, I assure you this kind of incredibly short-sighted destruction is par for the course. I've never seen it happen in person, but this is how I picture my Cintiq's backstory went:


Rustic workmen throw late-model Power Macs across a gutted office in the manner of fishmongers. FOREMAN of these equipment liquidators surveys the scene from behind a clipboard. UNDERLING emerges from under a nearby desk, clearly perplexed.

FOREMAN: An' make sure ya git them monitors on tha cart.

UNDERLING: Uh, boss? They got some kinda cables on 'em...

FOREMAN: (barely looking up) Whatsa problem? Tumbscrews?

UNDERLING: Dang things split off into t'ree, and they got these connectors, that a USB?

FOREMAN: (handing over a pair of bolt cutters) Yeah, yeah. We ain't gettin' paid by the hour here.

UNDERLING: (handing back one of several Intuos4 styluses) There was these pens, too, but they're all outta ink.

FOREMAN: (annoyed) Whaddoes this look like, a recyclin' drive? (throws stylus into large trash can brimming with high-end Logitech mice, mechanical keyboards, various vital brackets and dongles, and large-capacity hard drives)

Next hurdle, then: Can anyone please explain exactly what's going on with these four pins my DTK-2100 calls a power input, and possibly direct me to a pinout?
3  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Cintiq 21UX with a Severed Cable - Can We Restore It to Working Order? on: May 10, 2017, 12:14:55 AM
Aw man, DTK version too... I'm jelly.  Roll Eyes
I know, right? I've been pondering the cheap DTZs on eBay, but everyone seems to think the Intuos 4 Cintiqs are miles apart. There's still a very good chance this thing is inoperable (or will be after I get my soldering iron in there), so don't count me too lucky yet.  Cheesy

It's a 4-pin DIN connector

Woohoo! That's exactly what I just ordered. I must have assumed the old AT-style keyboard connectors were the only flavor of round DIN connector and discounted the lot of them. Everything should be here by Friday or early next week; I'll report back with pictures once I've had a chance to crack it open.

4  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Cintiq 21UX with a Severed Cable - Can We Restore It to Working Order? on: May 09, 2017, 10:47:24 PM
"4pin CCTV power"

Thanks for the tip! These look really close, but most of the cables I'm finding associated with CCTV power have a square pin layout rather than the staggered pins the Cintiq expects, and the point-of-sale connectors that look staggered are seemingly impossible to buy as a female connector. I took my chances with a "Philmore EL5" connector end (apparently a type of DIN?) that should get here fast, but even with the correct pin layout I fully expect the dimensions will be all wrong:

I suspect there is a more specific connector designation that Wacom used in these Cintiqs...
5  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Cintiq 21UX with a Severed Cable - Can We Restore It to Working Order? on: May 09, 2017, 01:12:49 AM
Hi, Bongofish forum! I'm here at this repository of Wacom hacking knowledge because I've just purchased a Cintiq 21UX DTK-2100 for the shockingly low price of ~$75 USD. There's just one little problem with it - some absolute animal decided unplugging it was took much work!

I have a bit of an electronics workshop shaping up, so this looked like equal parts tragedy and challenge. Once the Cintiq arrives later this week and I get a look inside, I figure I might have a shot at resurrecting this old girl, though I'm anticipating plenty of hurdles in my path. The first presented itself today: I received a third-party power supply that is allegedly compatible with this exact model (~$15), but I've never seen anything like the round 4-pin connector that is expecting to interface with the Cintiq:

Better pictures can be provided, but anyone familiar with these older Cintiqs probably wouldn't need them. So, what the heck is this? It's not an S-video connector, not a PS/2 connector, not a DIN connector, not even an Apple Desktop Bus connector. The closest thing I've found is a kind of connector for powering LED light strips, but even though this has the correct ratios with the "top" pins spaced closer than the other two, the dimensions are all wrong - 4.6mm between the top pins when the connector in my hand is closer to 3.0mm center-to-center, 5.4mm between the bottom when I measure more like 4.5mm, pins 1.5mm in diameter when mine look more like 1.0mm:

I'll chop this power supply apart if I really have to, but I would infinitely prefer to find a proper plug for it. So did Wacom really engineer these older Cintiqs with proprietary, unbuyable power connectors, or have I just not stumbled upon the correct round 4-pin socket type?  Huh
6  General Category / Who are you? a.k.a WHY CAN'T I POST? / Re: REPLY REQUIRED BEFORE ALLOWED TO CREATE A THREAD on: May 09, 2017, 12:35:38 AM
Hi! I just managed to get a Cintiq 21UX from eBay for a very nice price, but with one little caveat - the entire cable has been sliced off! This might be the most knowledgeable collection of Wacom hackers on the Internet, so I'm hoping some will be able to provide me with pinouts and other assistance as I stumble through trying to resurrect this thing.
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