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1  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: 6x11 widescreen tablet, monitor options...? on: October 20, 2008, 06:38:50 AM
I think most people think that a 12" is as small as you want to go with something with a lot of menus like photoshop, but if you have a two monitor setup you could keep menus on the big screen.

That's a good point. Seems as if my tablet isn't going to come in handy then :/. Ah well. Are Wacom Digitzers still compatible with newer systems? I'm pretty sure I can score one for pretty cheap on Ebay but I'm curious if it'll work with a macbook, like a powerbook g4...
2  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Noob building help on: October 11, 2008, 04:07:07 AM
My build log isn't exactly a tutorial, but it does show the steps for a "standard" build.

A couple of people have done builds with macbooks, just point your tekserve opponents at these. Smiley
fl0's build:

Wie's build

That Itab looks fantastic. But man, taking apart an Intuos? Talk about risky. Just seems like alot of money. I'm having trouble finding one for under 500 dollars :/
3  Screen Tablet malarky / Monitors / Re: 6x11 widescreen tablet, monitor options...? on: October 10, 2008, 11:25:56 PM
I've been noticing alot of Car Monitors that are used to run an OS, or at least have seen it running an OS. I dunno if they would work the same way, but they should be small enough. Obviously, though, I'm just throwing it out there, I'm no expert on the issue. But I've been giving it thought because I have a 4 by 5 Graphire tablet. If I'm wrong, feel free to say so. 
4  General Category / Who are you? a.k.a WHY CAN'T I POST? / Re: A new poster has arrived! on: October 10, 2008, 11:05:05 PM
Hey, just joined. Operating a mac OS system. I saw a Wacom Digitizer going for 20 bucks on ebay. What other wacom models do you guys reccomend? I have a graphire4 tablet but I think it'd be way too small, so I don't want to use it.
5  Screen Tablet malarky / Heyaaaalpppp / Re: Noob building help on: October 09, 2008, 02:03:20 AM
A question from a fellow noob: I have a macbook and I had been on a hunt for a Touchscreen Display that is compatible with my system, so does anyone know of any? Also, could I make my own DIY Cintiq with a Wacom Graphire4 tablet (I am assuming you need parts from a tablet for this? If I am wrong, PLZ LET ME KNOW Lol, Shocked)? Also, anyone know of any good tutorials? I'd like to see what I need before I begin Cheesy Lol crammed a lot of questions in there.

I just found out about this forum today, and I was totally pumped when I found out that there are people who have put some tablets together! To think, I debated with someone at Tekserve who said it couldn't be done.
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