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 on: November 03, 2017, 07:28:32 PM 
Started by axel9546 - Last post by jedikalimero
Do you mean Surface Pro 3? Just go with your Galaxy Book stylus to a shop where the SP3 is in exhibition and try it on the SP3. If it works, then the drivers should work, but I don't believe there is any Wacom Control panel for those devices.

Wacom made some time ago some screens 15" and 18" or so that look similar to the Cintiqs but without ExpressKeys and they work with the Blue stylus I showed you in my photo, so the sensor is compatible (100% sure they would work also with the stylus from my Note 4 phone), but I don't know if the drivers for these screens will work in Windows 10 since they are quite old.

The small tablets used in some bank branches, Post offices and the like for signatures are also Wacom devices and I have tried them with my Note 4 stylus with success (and surprise from the bank employee  Grin)

 on: November 03, 2017, 07:14:48 PM 
Started by axel9546 - Last post by axel9546
I know that the SP3 has wacom emr and wintab driver. I will try with thatz but i dont think i can get the wacom control panel

 on: November 03, 2017, 06:47:41 PM 
Started by axel9546 - Last post by jedikalimero
Well, the Wacom device in the Samsung tablet is not an Intuos or a Cintiq so it will not work with those drivers and will not recognize a Wacom Pro pen or any Intuos 4/5/pro stylus. I don't know exactly about the Wacom device in the Galaxy Book but it is probably of the same kind used in the Galaxy Note series of smartphones and tablets. One easy way to check this is to try the S-Pen from a Galaxy Note phone (any, at least from Note 1 to Note 5 will do) in your Galaxy Book. Or try the Stylus of your Galaxy Book in a Galaxy Note Phone (you have to remove the phone's stylus for the phone to start scanning for a stylus.

If they work, then your Wacom device is what is known as Wacom TabletPC sensor.

In that case, of all the styluses you see in this picture, only the two at the right will work in the Galaxy Book. The rightmost is the stylus of my Galaxy Note 4 ant the other one is a Wacom stylus from an old tablet but I can't remember the name or model number:

[ Attachment: You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Unfortunately you won't find the needed drivers at Those sensors are made for computer manufacturers to include in their products and Wacom position about it is that it is the manufacturer who have to provide the drivers.

My bet would be to try to use the drivers from some laptop or Windows tablet that uses the Wacom TabletPC sensor. If your Galaxy Book stylus works on it or the stylus from that laptop works in your Galaxy Book, then chances are the driver will be compatible. That doesn't mean the task of making this driver to run in your tablet will be straightforward but at least you will know you are dealing with the correct one.

 on: November 03, 2017, 04:49:31 PM 
Started by CableMender - Last post by jedikalimero
Hi CableMender,

Any updates since May? did you get the thing to work? I recently repaired an identical one so maybe I could be of any help if you are still stuck with this.

 on: November 02, 2017, 08:26:16 PM 
Started by axel9546 - Last post by axel9546
. Like you guys know how thoose hardware works, could i ask something ot? I have a galaxy book that has a Wacom Emr digitizer. Downloading wacom drivers and trying the wacom pro pen, it wont read the tablet as a wacom device, but we know that the Galaxy book its a Wacom emr device,.. so i think there could be a software block. Do you know hoe to bypass that and let the wacom driver read 1 the pro pen, 2 the galaxy book as a wacom device? Samsung s pen work good but not as wacom does

 on: October 28, 2017, 07:36:30 PM 
Started by bumhee34 - Last post by rackoony
Bumhee34: Which screen frequency did you use? It would be a great help to know as I have the same monitor and tablet also.

 on: October 26, 2017, 01:58:11 PM 
Started by axel9546 - Last post by jedikalimero
the active area (at least on my intuos 3) is the area that is dark gray on your image. idk what the white marks are for but they are not the hard marks where the active area ends but on the intuos pen end touch my brother got, the active area is a bit bigger than the marks but doesn't extend all the way to the edge of the tablet.
I can't really say anything about the intuos 5 but I'd guess that the active area (aka the area where the pen works) is a bit bigger than the markings but not the whole dark gray area and definitely not the (light-gray) case.

In the Intuos 5 and pro, the White marks (they are really LED lights) define the active area. The pen will not work beyond this area. The Dark grey area is bigger than the active area because this way your pen will not bump when you reach the border of the active area. This was some of a problem in Intuos 4 and older. It is an unpleasant sensation and erodes the nib faster if you frequently reach the borders and bump between the drawing surface and the case.

When placing an LCD screen over the tablet, the pen will still be limited to the active area. It will not extend magically beyond that, of course. There is a calculator somewhere in the forum that allows to compare Intuos models and typical LCD screen sizes and see graphically which one will fit which each other.

 on: October 25, 2017, 07:48:05 PM 
Started by JaseBristol - Last post by DaBotz
The service for Intuos 2 & 3 is "TabletServiceWacom" (executable, "Wacom_Tablet.exe").

The service for the Intuos 4 and beyond, as far as I know, is "Wacom Professional Service"(executable, WTabletServicePro).

Alas, it is not just a matter of these, there are also all the "kernel drivers" (some wacomxxxx.sys programs that are in %winsows%\system32\drivers


), which are supposedly what communicates with the components of the tablet just above the USB level.

It is probable that the Expresskey remote has its own ".sys" kernel driver and user level service, so maybe it is possible to get it to run with the Intuos 2.

Wacom drivers are also more than a bit finicky... for example, the 6.2.0_w5 driver should manage the Intuos 4 and 5,  this latter also in the versions with the touch interface (that has its own service, something with "touch" in its name), but in none of my computers it accepted to work with the Intuos 4!

It sees it, "installs" it, lights up the OLED and sees the tablet in mouse mode, then ask for a reboot.

After the reboot, it doesn't see the stupid thing, until I unplug and replug it... at which point it"re-installs" the I 4 and I am back to square 1. Annoying.

Whereas, the does not support any touch interface, but it can manage the Intuos 4 (as long as I do not unplug it... if I do, the "kernel driver"sometimes crashes, and I have to restart the pc).

 on: October 24, 2017, 09:38:30 PM 
Started by JaseBristol - Last post by jedikalimero
I see your mention of the Intuos 4 was an errata, but anyway, just in case this information is useful to anybody else, Here they are the Intuos4 and the ExpressKey Remote in perfect harmony.

My guess is the remote would also work with the Bamboo since they use different drivers (not different versions of the same driver)

It is a pity Wacom removed support for Intuos tablets below Intuos4 from their newest versions of the drivers. A pity and a nonsense, because the Intuos 2 and 3 still work perfectly well in Windows 10 but since those drivers are not being developed anymore, the compatibility of Windows with those tablets will end soon, I'm afraid. (and also the  Cintiq 21UX DTZ and Cintiq 12)

Only option I see is a bootleg driver or hacking the original old driver to fool Windows into thinking it is a different service.

[ Attachment: You are not allowed to view attachments ]

 on: October 24, 2017, 09:26:10 PM 
Started by jedikalimero - Last post by jedikalimero
Unless you get it etched in the areas you need to paint, or have a specific paint, the tendency to peel off is to be expected. 

Yes, but the original glass had the border painted in black and it doesn't peels off at all. As I said, you need to scratch hard with an exacto knife or similar to remove it and even so, it is not easy to remove.

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