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Author Topic: Problem with "Hardware Talk" subforum  (Read 7566 times)
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« on: July 30, 2016, 06:35:38 PM »

Btw. I have out of the box tablet-PC and want publish review of it. What board I should select? "Gallery of Cool" is good for unmodified equipment?

I've added a new board for general discussion about hardware called "Hardware Talk", you can be the first to post your review here.

New subforum exist (link) and I placed here a review of my ST5111 tablet-PC (link). It's strange that I need to be logged to see that forum, but I ignored that fact because bernard can post here.

I clicked Notify button (aka "send me mail when anybody create new topic here") to be sure that I'll never miss any interesting review. And today received mail:
A new topic, 'Fujitsu Stylistic ST5031D no pen pressure', has been made on a board you are watching.

You can see it at

More topics may be posted, but you won't receive more email notifications until you return to the board and read some of them.

The text of the topic is shown below:

I have a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5031D tablet pc thats infused with a wacom serial pen tablet digitizer, or Penabled as they called it back then.

It works fine except for there beeing no pen pressure, and the only wacom serial tablet drivers i can seem to find for this model is what windows 7 comes preloaded with, and one that just pops up a "no supported tablet found on this system" after completing installation.

I'm starting to think that there was no pen pressure support at all until the ST5111 and later came along, or can it be that the stylus that came with the st5031d dident have a pen pressure sensor in it ? I do not have another wacom pen to try my theory with.

Therer was no pen pressure in the original windows xp install either before i nuked that for 32bitr windows 7. The drawing software im trying with is Firealpaca and paint tool sai. I tried installing KRITA but only got a "this cpu is not supported" unless these art softwares require further support software for the tablet driver to channel though the pen pressure stuffs to work.

The actual digitizer is a SU-004-B06.

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The Bongofish Team.
O.K., but link doesn't work. I cannot see this topic and send comment "hey, try specific Linux distribution, configure Gimp and then check digitizer input".

So, dear admins, please check what's wrong with this subforum. IMO there are something wrong with configuration.

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« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 07:36:15 PM »

I deleted my post after i found the solution to my problem, a tablet pc driver from wacom.
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