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Author Topic: My Cintiq Concept: 3D Model  (Read 2406 times)
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« on: March 28, 2008, 12:46:04 PM »

This was the first time I ever used 3D modeling software. Sketchup is free and easy but I found it had it's quirks. Generally it doesn't play nice with curved faces. Also, it occasionally doesn't stick to the units you set. It tells you by marking your cursor with a ~, but after hundreds of lines you don't pay attention to that. My first iteration of this was entirely off square by a tiny amount thanks to this and I had to start overĀ  Angry. I also got it to crash a few times, and it became prohibitively slow before doing so. Fortunately it autosaves every 5 minutes.

Definitely still beta, but pretty good for a free option. I'm curious as to how much harder CAD or others may be. I'd definitely like something more powerful.

As for the model itself: The general idea is a version akin to Ambidextrose's design that will house a 22" screen with a 19x12" board. A good deal is based on my guestimations of how much room would be needed. The back part jutting out the rear would house the power, USB and LCD controller boards, separated from the rest of the case by thick plastic and metal panels inside. I'm guessing a final design would be much thinner, but as of now I have no real parts to base measurements off of and from my understanding this is much thicker than the 21UX.

The chassis is based on the following requirements, (roughly) from top to bottom:

22" S-IPS LCD panel (will be very thick)

Diffusion sheets

LED backlight assembly

Reflective backlight panel

19x12" Intuos 3 board

Protective back shield to Wacom board

LCD driver board

LED backlight controller board

Power board

And off to the sides:

OSD board

Express Keys

USB hub

Hopefully later on the model will include all the internal components when I'm finished. You can download the model yourself to have an even better look here. Filesize: 11.46 MB

Because this obviously can't be mobile, the stand would ideally be sturdy and highly adjustable; It will need to lower to a nearly flat postion, tilt and rotate. Because this model would have many more abstract components I will have to create it later in another more powerful program. Enjoy what is here thus far:

Alpha Version

Revision 2:

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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 06:41:46 PM »

That is one nice looking concept!  Grin
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