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Author Topic: Tricksome Electronics  (Read 2128 times)
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« on: July 23, 2008, 01:29:31 PM »

Hey again,

in futzing about with my takes on designs (definetly going to go for the WSXGA, good balance point of resolution and monies, I feel), I was curious as to how difficult it is to create a single psu unit for a tablet pc. would I be able to siphon the twelve volts out of a generic pc psu? I'm sure it would involve soldering a bit, and a review of circuitry and electronic components on my part.

and I kind of just want your take on my ideas, if that's all good.

things I have debated:

creating a laptop, basically. considered EPIA mini ITX boards as well as using micro ATX boards. given that the Intel Atom boards are so new and the currently tried and true Jetways just don't meet my graphics purposes at the moment, i am leaning towards a microATX laptop... creature. I still need to figure out power placement, securing said power placement, finding preferably the smallest modular PSU on the market at the moment, and creating a single wire running from the unit into my 'laptop', along with the ability to disconnect and port about. these are daunting tasks for someone taking baby steps into the wide world serious electronic reconfiguring.

next thought, acquire a laptop, and do something along the line of what wei has perpetrated. this is more within my current means, and if I scoop up a laptop with a firewire port, I can probably steal the 12V from the laptop as well.

why I would even consider the microATX laptop monster is that, overall, a lot more bang for my buck, but also a lot more work. $450 for the whole of what I needed to do, including the best low profile videocard I could find. could shave the $60 off of that if I go with onboard graphics, which are similar to what the latest HP tablet is sporting. finding a laptop that is equal to the task is a bit more pricey, but I could peruse strictly those with busted up screens that are otherwise fully functional.

however, K.i.s.s. comes to mind when I start getting overly ambitious. i should really just make a function cintiq-alike first, but hey... i love the gadgets. and an excuse to build a computer.

on a side note, ran across a fellow who makes custom gadgets, usually laptops out of gaming systems. his answers to the psu in an lcd screen being integrated with the inverter board, in this westinghouse monitor's case, was to... break the pcb. apparently the only thing connecting the two units of circuits were fuses. broke very carefully, i might add. but it resulted in a fully functioning xbox 360 laptop.

thanks for any input.
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« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2008, 09:16:47 PM »

Well 12v is 12v. so long as you have enough amps to drive all your devices then job's a good 'un.

As to the other stuff I guess one approach to the problem would be to do it in sections.  Get the hardest bit working first?


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