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Author Topic: Using an EeePC screen?  (Read 2140 times)
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« on: November 03, 2008, 05:50:01 AM »

Two or so years ago I bought my girlfriend a small tablet. She tried it out, but it didn't realy go anywhere, because she couldn't get accustomed to drawing on the tablet without having direct visual feedback on it.
I remembered reading somewhere about tablets with built-in screens, but after a look at the prices that idea died very quickly indeed.

Fast forward to today, a month or so after I bought my EeePC 701. After reading the page that started it all, I immediately thought about using an EeePC's display with my girlfriend's old tablet to build her a faketiq.

Now: the EeePC's screen lid is very, very thin, so much so that there apparently isn't any circuitry under it; from the last pic in that page, the driving boards seem to be all on the sides of the screen.

If that's actually the case, wouldn't it be a simple matter of removing the screen lid, putting the screen as it is on the tablet's sensor (it may be necessary to remove shielding prior to that), putting some protective sheeting on it and sticking it all together?
This shouldn't require much hassle with flat cables and adapters and long plugs and all that.

Then you run software that flips the EeePC's display, an external mouse and keyboard, and voila.

Or am I seeing things way too easy?

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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2008, 02:15:07 PM »

I guess it would be the same as the other laptop mods we've had, but smaller.

I'm guessing everything would be pretty fragile as well, so you might have to be prepared to get another eee.  Screen size might be too small to do much on perhaps, I guess that's down to what programme you'd want to use.    As an alternative I know you can get touchscreen conversions for the ee, but I've no idea about resolution and I doubt they'd be pressure sensitive.    You could also use a small in-car type monitor perhaps if you didn't want to risk the eee.

So feasable but perhaps fiddly.

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