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Author Topic: Find tablet to match screen or screen to match tablet?  (Read 2610 times)
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« on: April 27, 2009, 12:42:17 AM »

Here's my current issue. I have a intous 3 4x6 and 6x8  I also have a Balance 15" monitor that the viewable screen is 9X12.
Would you find a tablet to match or try to find a screen to match existing tablets. I've located 10.4 inch monitors (most of which are touchscreen already, not sure how that would interfere )  which match up to the 6x8 almost exactly on the viewable screen. The issue is that the 10.4' monitors seem to be going for roughly the same price as the 9X12 intous 3's.  I'm use to the Intous 3 and really don't like the idea of getting a Intous or Intous 2. I don't like back tracking, when avoidable. The 4X6 is a joke I don't know why they even make them, because the movement when drawing is just not reasonable. By that I mean you have to really tone down your stroke. Though a 6" Cintiq would be cute, and I guess the rug rat could learn to use it. 

I'm so ready to start making one I'm wanting to just start tearing stuff apart to fiddle with all the bits. Not going to do this though, but I want to.

I just purchased 10 5" lcd screens brand new off eBay to flip. Some stereo shop had a whole ten pack unused. I figured  I could sell them to get some money to buy a 9X12, not that it's not already sitting in my pocket, just to justify buying something and tearing it apart. Wives tend to look down on that. You spent what and your tearing it to pieces!  I already have a monitor addiction as she puts it. Five computers in the house all have multiple monitors, but most are unusable sizes. The screens I have that I would say are usable are a Balance CM2015 and the screen off the laptop that it is connected to that is also 15" and 9X12.

When you guys made your's did you look for monitor with the exact same viewable screen as the active area on the tablet? or did you just stick a screen over the active area, and map the extra to the other screens? 

Has anyone toyed with taking all the monitor bits other than LCD and backlight and making a housing for them with one cable running to the DIY Cintiq? I've been thinking about that a lot. Thus making the final housing as small as possible. To be molded with fiberglass and carbon fiber. Then I'll throw a slick custom paint job on it.

Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.  Yes I've been reading the existing posts. Though lots seem to turn into issues of how to organize the posts and forum.

I got a good question. How many have had success?
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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 01:30:55 PM »

Most people seem to go for a match in size.  It helps that the 1212 tablets fits a 15" monitor so nicely.  I can'te recall many that have tried a screen smaller than the tablet, a couple have gone the other way though.

Laptop screens have the added complication of needing an additional driver board, but it has been done.  Wei's macbook build avoided this by including the laptop in the case.

I get what you mean by the monitor driving stuff being seperate.  It's potentially a lot of cables in that bundle, but I guess you won't know till you get into the monitor if that's going to be a problem.   The biggest thing in the case is tha wacom sensor though, so that governs everything else.

As to success rates, it's not great TBH.  Breakages of monitors are very common, and that tends to put people off after the first breakage, you really have to be ready to break at least one and hope you don't.   Most known sucessful builds are in the "sucessful builds" child board, There are a few that didn't make it into there yet,  and there are some that have been finished, but we weren't told about it so the build log just stops.   


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