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Author Topic: The Gist of things...  (Read 1934 times)
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« on: May 12, 2009, 12:29:08 AM »

1. I've been reading through alot of posts, and to be frankly honest. There are so many words that I'm starting to get dizzy lol The way my brain works is to realize the gist of what I'm doing or about to be doing and then all the bits and pieces of the inside will connect the pieces of how to do it. Make sense? Sure hope so. SO... would anyone like to break it down for me? To make it clear of what I am asking for is, step 1. take apart monitor, 2. take apart tablet 3... and so on. One answer I would like to be clear about is, once putting the pieces together does the tablet part go on top or bottom of the lcd piece? That's mainly what I need help on. I'm sure there are others that probably learn the same as me, who knows? But anyone that is willing to break it down for me in simple laymen terms and one sentences it would be greatly appreciated. Once I get the gist of things, then I can easily read through the processes in how people made their successful tiq and not be completely puzzled by it.

2. Also! I've read an awful lot that people have been using wacom tablets for this procedure. Do I have to use one? Could I use a PenSketch 9x12 tablet or are they not good enough?

3. I do have a spare lcd monitor laying around that I've been to lazy to try and find the power adapter for it. It's an older model.. Amptron L17AX - it is 17" tho.
Anyone with experience with this monitor or would I be better off trying to find another one?

4. Does anyone have recommendations for me?
My reason for wanting to build one is for the use of it as well as the satisfactory of accomplishing something so AWESOME. Wink But also because I'm not exactly the richest person in the world. lol
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2009, 08:25:09 PM »

The final build is a sandwich like this

----Protective cover-------
----LCD screen------------
----Wacom board--------
----Wacom board shielding (sometimes attached to board anyway)
----Other boards (usually go here)-----

Possibly the clearest builds to look at are the "canvastiq" types in the sucessful builds board.  Or look in the list there to see if I recommend any for clear documentation.

I've not see a pensketch tablet. People tend to stick to wacom because they are less prone to interference and are a better quality (wacom have most of the best patents sewn up), but it might be worth giving it a quick test, you never know it might just work.

I've never heard of Amptron either.  Monitors are always a bit of an unknown.

Take it slowly, find somewhere clean and out of the way (and cat proof if necessary) to leave stuff mid-build.   
Move stuff as little as possible, and always treat it like it'll break, stripped monitors are _really_ fragile and most people seem to break at least one.
When you're trying to work out how to fit stuff into the case make cardboard replicas of the boards and try different layouts with them instead of the real ones, (see previous point).
If at any point stuff doesn't come apart easily don't be tempted to rush or force it. It's worth asking here first or searching in the "useful knowledge" section rather than be impatient and brick something.


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