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Author Topic: aluminum for case? Need feed back  (Read 2099 times)
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« on: September 20, 2012, 06:23:51 AM »

So i took apart the wacom Intuos 3 12 x 19 which i will be uploading images with detailed measurements soon but for now i think i figured out a design plan about how i will approach it.

So for my digital canvis i am planning on taking all the guts out of a intuos 3 12 x 19 and making a custom case which fits the tablet and acer 21.5 inch LED I have.  Problem is that I don't want the design of the case to be just a simple box (i am getting too picky on it).  So i was thinking of using acrylic and aluminum to make the case.  My question is.....Can aluminum be used for the case provided i just use it for the back plate? I plan to designing a back plate which will be cut and folded (similar to the idea of paper craft) 

Also for anyone who has ever worked with aluminum, what thickness should i go with for the aluminum to be thin enough to be able to bend with out tools but not too thin too the point where it will bend if i bump it on accident?

Also still in the dark about grounding since still in the planning stage but can i use the aluminum back plat for a ground? And if yes is there any special criteria i should follow like making sure ts not touching something else blah blah blah?
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« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2012, 03:53:39 PM »

Hi FortyOne,

I'm new to this forum but I have a little experience in this matter. I'm a physics technician at a college and quite ofter work with aluminium, I am also looking to use it for the case on my diy cintiq project (build log coming soon).

If you do not have the machinery for bending sheet metal and plan on doing it by hand I would suggest that you probably don't want to go any thicker than 3mm thick, this will be strong enough to hold it's form (so long as its not required to span vast gaps without support), and should be tough enough to take a knock or two, but will probably buckle under high impact such as a drop on the floor or hitting it with a hammer!

1.6mm to 2mm thick could also be a good choice depending on your design; say if it was to be mostly supported on it's underside by something like MDF. Anything less than 1.6mm and you'd probably want to be considering using it as a veneer.

I would think that because the Wacom tablets (and probably other models too) use radio frequencies to calculate pen position etc, that this has to be done with some precision and that so long as you don't intend on covering the top surface (pen area) in aluminium it shouldn't be a problem, although if the edges of the aluminium are placed close to the edges of the tablets pen area it could cause issues with the detection of the pen close to the edges (possible jitter alert).

My case I hope to be a combination of MDF, acrylic, and aluminium so I'm looking at 1.6-2mm aluminium.

Hope this helps.
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