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Author Topic: For Trade: Have LCDs - want Wacom  (Read 2854 times)
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« on: March 11, 2011, 07:47:45 PM »

Now that I've run through and tested my stack of screens, I have a lot left over that I don't really need (most of the ones I thought were bad were from dead laptops, and the screen was rarely the problem) but I am still without a tablet. Thus, I would like to propose a trade.  I am looking for a 9x12 Intuos tablet of any vintage, as long as it works, comes with a pen and is USB, not Serial.  In exchange, I will offer a to-be-negotiated number of the following LCD panels:

2x   BOE Hydis   HT14P12-100   14.1"   1400x1050
1x   Samsung   LTN141P4-L01   14.1"   1400x1050
8x   Samsung   LTN141P4-L02   14.1"   1400x1050
1x   HannStar   HSD150PX14   15"   1024x768 (2 PCB Model)
1x   LG.Phillips   LP150x05 (A2)   15"   1024x768

All of these I have confirmed work with the NJYtouch controller (just tested them all yesterday) and I'll supply as much information as I can about what driver program to use, datasheets, etc.

The disadvantage of the 14.1" screens is that they are smaller than the working area of a 9x12 tablet, though at least their resolution somewhat makes up for that. The advantage is that I have a ton of them, which means one or two can be broken in the process with little harm done.  As an added bonus, all of them ran for me on the exact same controller program (makes sense, they were all out of similar generation Thinkpads).

The 15" screens are of course a perfect fit for the most common tablets, but there's only one each, and one of them is a 2 PCB model that would require an extension cable to unfold the boards.  Either of them could work, but since the controller is only programmed for one screen at a time in China, it's more of a risk.

Anyway, while I'm happy with any USB Intuos 9x12 tablet, I'll obviously give preference (and would consider trading larger numbers of panels) to newer models if available. To keep shipping from getting insane, this is probably a USA-only trade, but I'm willing to discuss any offer.  Basically I have screens I don't need, and I'm hoping someone out there has a tablet they don't need...

Heck, if someone by some miracle has an Intuos4 Large and wants half of these or more, I'll find a way to ship them to you.  :-)
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« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2011, 12:01:09 AM »

1400x1050 is really a nice resolution I find.  Even if a bit smaller for a 9x12.  These are definitively of value.
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