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Question: which screen do you think would be better for intous3 9x12 mod?
BOE HV150UX1-100 - 1 (33.3%)
LP150E05 - 1 (33.3%)
N150U3-L01 - 1 (33.3%)
N150P5 - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 2

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Author Topic: screen for intous3 9x12 mod  (Read 2252 times)
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« on: October 12, 2011, 06:52:19 AM »

trying to find a good screen for an intuos3 9x12 mod. the choices are BOE HV150UX1-100(similar to the one used by donshole on, LP150E05(one used in k-jintiq's mod), N150U3-L01(one used in janm's mod) and N150P5(one I found on ebay but cant find a build log on here for). The specs are in order of panel type, resolution, contrast ratio, viewing angles, response time and aprox cost. The specs are from ( The perks of each panel are in bold in my opinion but I am very new to this whole thing Grin
BOE HV150UX1-100: AFFS, 1600×1200, 500:1, 170/170, 30ms and ~ $90 unused
LP150E05: S-IPS, 1400×1050, 400:1, 170/170, 50ms and ~ $70 unused
N150U3-L01: IPS, 1600×1200, 400:1, 170/170, 60ms and ~ $50 used
N150P5: TN TFT, 1400×1050, 400:1, 140/120, 16ms and ~ $70 used
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