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Author Topic: Starting a build, maybe?  (Read 1454 times)
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« on: April 01, 2012, 02:20:05 AM »

I have an Intuos4 large I am unable to use because it does not work well with my Workfit-S stand. It's too big/heavy to have on the stand. I need to have it mounted to an arm so I have height adjustment up/down. I got the stand right when they launched due to an upper back + neck injury - which is why I got the Intuos 4 a year earlier in a panic to find alternate ways to interface with my computer.

Well, the tablet's going mostly unused. I'm still looking at from time to time going "Man...I think I could, if I had one of those mounted on an Ergotron arm, make use of this VERY expensive piece of technology that I got to help with my neck."

Non-destructive functionality is all I care about. It can be butt ugly as long as there aren't any sharp corners or exposed circuitboards. It has to be able to be on an Ergotron LX/MX arm (which I think might be easy with a power drill and a VESA mount template), and it has to be safe, and heat is an issue. It'll make weird, painful stuff happen with my tendons and wrists.

Also, jitter will erode on my sanity. Like. Seriously. Jitter will make me scream in Norwegian and jump out my window. I don't even know Norwegian. None of you are allowed to teach me Norwegian.

I want to keep the cost of components under $200 if possible. The Ergotron arm is expensive.

So, where should I start? Should I be considering monitor+controller+inverter first? What model numbers?

I'm considering ordering the monitor parts from and trying my own enclosure unless there's something vastly better that I should be using, then ordering an enclosure from them if I can't get it to work!
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