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Author Topic: Intuos 6x8 interest in DIY Cintiq  (Read 1937 times)
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« on: May 18, 2012, 06:51:40 AM »

I am not an electrician. I have never built anything with electronics, I have no idea what wires do what.
I like to explore, and was wondering if anyone has a step by step walk through, or could walk me through this process.
I've tried reading different build logs, but to me they make no sense, except for the fact that each picture has a different wire connected to something else.
I also read some people were going to buy a 10'' screen on ebay, or even the screen of the iPad. I just don't want to start this without some sort of guide. There is a thread here asking for us to post anything we don't know about, but the problem is I don't even know the names of the cables to ask what they are.
I know a few of you are going to suggest I shouldn't bother creating or attempting to create a LCD tablet, due to my inexperience in electronics. I just have been drooling over a cintiq [and I know of all their scratching and pink tint monitor] and thought this may be my chance.
I am also scared to start this process without help, since upon my research a DIY cintiq requires a lot of trial and error. I don't have that electronic background to be able to fix any problems that arise [flickering screens, what have you.]
Any help would be appreciated.
Edit [you don't need to read this]: I know about tablet mod, they don't support 6x8 intros 3, only 9x12, and also I still would have to get extra parts, and may run into the same problem. I know about Rossmorr, but its still in that price range that I can't afford. I know about Bosto, Yiynova 10'' and 19'', basically I have researched all of these alternatives. Since wacom is a monopoly, either they don't support a cordless pen, don't have touch strips or side buttons, have software problems, have jitter, or are only supported on a windows 7 [Bosto], or can do both operating systems but freak out on macs [Yiynova],aren't portable [neither is a cintiq], etc. I also know about the tablet computers, not all of them have pressure sensitivity, a lot of memory, and as portable as they are, they can't really support big projects.., don't mean to be picky at all, I just like doing my research and knowing my options]
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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 02:02:47 AM »

Most tablet computers uses a wacom tablet (those that are tagged as "Penenabled") and -- yes -- they do support full pressure -- just need to install the wacom drivers (named ISDV4 internally).   What they do not support (sometimes) is the tilt -- but tilt, is not very often used.  Also the pressure is like 256 levels -- which -- in my own personal opinion is well enough for about anything.  (If you are picky about getting 1024 or more pressure levels, don't even think about DIY stuff.) 

Often the tablet computers are limited because :

- screen is often small and not very high resolution
- locked to a CPU/machine

If you are looking for 6x8 type of size, then a (Penenabled) tablet PC should suit you perfectly.

I know you have zero experience in electronics, but do you think you can solder wires if somebody tell you how (you have access to soldering equipment)?

There are no guides because there are no recipes that work all the time!  Everybody is different.  Why?  because the parts are different (and behave differently when different ones are mixed together  - jitter); because people have different things they want about the tablet (size, mobility, ultimate-cheapness, speed, precision, side-button usability); because people have different "DIY skills"; because people have different usages (2D drawing pad, 2D/3D CAD/modeling, photo retouching, etc.); because some people are in a hurry and others can wait 6+ months; because people use them on Mac vs. Windows; because some of them broke their 200$+ LCD; because some cannot sustain the risks of ruining their LCDs. It is hard to find 2 builds that is the same. So writing a "guide" is almost a NP-hard problem (if you know math, you know what I mean).  On a best-effort basis, we try to organize, assemble (or repeat) some basic information that can apply to many people on specific topics. As a start you can always read the first build (Drew's build) and check out our small wiki. if you haven't done so (I assume yes).

You have to start from your needs.   You said "6x8", you also spoke about low on $$ -- with that information alone -- you can potentially ignore 75% of the builds!

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