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Author Topic: K-Jintiq, a 15" IPS modded into Intuos 3 A4  (Read 92550 times)
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« Reply #105 on: February 26, 2013, 09:17:48 AM »

really nice build i was looking at it a year ago when i first started planning my build.
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« Reply #106 on: June 13, 2013, 08:02:18 PM »

About the NYJTouch nd the native resolution.... recebtly, I bought a controller from them for a 1440x900 panel (AUO BW154P01 v1 - yep, I based my build on the tabletmod specs,though I used hand-sawed plywood and glass at the end) .

It worked "well", but obviously it expected to have in front a way different panel.

The image seemed slightly narrower then twice the available screen (no kidding... the message "no signal" it dispays in the middle of the screen -when you switch it on whitout a vaga cable attached - was truncated  at the N, the rest lost in  the space of not-exiting panels,) and it was also shorter.... more or less, looked like a 800 high panel. The bottom of the panel was occupied by a copy of its top....

By the way, I still have the misprogrammed controller.

If someone can figure its actual resolution, I can ship it to him. or her.

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