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Author Topic: Starting a new project  (Read 1720 times)
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« on: March 03, 2014, 05:23:18 AM »

OK, MY Cabinetiq works well, but it has lackluster colors.  I  rather do not open something that works to try my luck on it, so I decided to go for a new build.

I acquired an Intuos 2 A3, and Simtiq Planner (thanks, Bernard) led me to think that a 22" 16:10 screen would be the best choice.

The scren would be 16.5 mm longer than the tablet sensor area (8.33 mm on each side, but I think I will "cover" it using the extended zone feature of the Intuos2 driver, or by clipping the screen with powerstrip if needed- I'd rather go with the first, although it will make calibration slightly less straightforward)

and I'd rather go for a Led monitor (less power consummption/heat issues), though the frequency of the pwm light dimming may make for a nasty surprise and lenghtening the fcc for the led is probably not as straightforward as buying CCFL extenders.

Maybe, I should stay away from the led and go for  a good old ccfl screen (those, I can handle), but I would be back in "Cabinetiq waters"

16:10 means no IPS, I suppose, so I have put my eyes on these:  

HKC 2211
Lenovo ThinkVision LT2252P

If anyone has some suggestion about which would be less of an hassle to rip, or know of a "sure bet"  for the monitor/panel  choice, I would be very glad if he could give it to me; I will be enthralled to hear them  (I had problem trying to strip a small IPS led monitor some time ago, so I am now a lot more wary).


In the meanwhile, I'll start drawing the hotkeys and wheels section (I think I'll go for four knobs, as a way to improve my questionablke soldering skills before the main course)...

It will be interesting to see if, internally, the chosen monitor will use twelve volts... that woud make possible to use a powered usb hub fr the wheels and the keyboards, spilling juice from the screen feed... aah, the artist pipe dreams.

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