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Author Topic: Will buy 50x 13" Wacom SU-13W02E-03A Sensor Boards, anyone want some?  (Read 4151 times)
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« on: May 05, 2014, 07:53:04 PM »


I bought them by now. If someone finds this thread, there is a good chance I still have some lying around. Please contact me via EMail, as I will probably not check my messages here very often. EMail is michael.steck at

@experienced hackers:
Would be nice if you could look over my planned construction and give feedback.
Did not yet start a duplicate thread in ./Help forum

Hi Bongofish Community,

a really nice and impressive community you have here. Before we get to down to business, a bit about myself: I am living in Germany, studying physics and spending most of my time at a hackerspace-like institution in my hometown. That's enough though ^^.

I am planning to do a build with the upcoming Novena Open Source Laptop (check it out, it's awesome, I hope it's OK if I post the link to their crowdsupply@ and the suggested display N133HSE-EA1, sourced probably from Since I do not have any old Wacom boards lying around and I am going to build at least two more-or-less identical laptops, I need to buy a few wacom digitizers. I found this, which to me -- as someone with no knowledge about Wacoms whatsoever -- looked good:

50 new 13 inch Wacom SU-13W02E-03A, 40$ plus 100$ international shipping (lol)

@experienced hackers (especially Bernard):
This specific board is listed on your wiki. It's USB, so that's nice. Does anyone know how old this series is? Basically I want to know whether it is any good or I should rather look for something else. The Display has LED backlight and is only 2.7mm thick, which seems pretty good to me, so I assume the build should work out. Anything obvious I am missing?

I obviously do not need all 50 of them. I will use any leftovers to build a huge interactive table or something, but you probably know that I will never get around to actually do that. If anyone happens to be in need of 1-45 of these digitizers I am willing to share the order with you. Regarding finances and logistics, I can either buy them all and send yours to wherever you want them (you can pay once you get yours, I don't mind if you don't trust a random guy over the Internet -- I do). Or if you happen to be in the US, it would probably make things easier if you let me send them to your address and you continue sending the rest to me (unless shipping costs don't go down, or multiple people are interested in this offer).

OK, hopefully I did not forget anything important... I am not much in a hurry, but ordering sooner rather than later is always better, more time for alpha-testing and breaking things. I will maybe wait a week or so (at least until I can get a reply from someone with experience) and then order, but please feel free to reply after that, you can still have some of course.

Happy Hacking
-- Michael
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2014, 07:06:22 AM »

you have pm.
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« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2016, 09:45:01 AM »

Any boards still available? Smiley

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