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Author Topic: My build the Indyartistiq!  (Read 2518 times)
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« on: July 01, 2014, 03:51:34 PM »

Finally made enough progress with my build to share here.

May I present the Indyartistiq, my DIY cintiq WIP. I hope this name isn't taken yet, has it? Sorry, there are just too many posts to read all of em now.

Right!, the specsheet as follows:

Wacom XL Graphics Tablet
LG LED IPS237 Monitor 23" IPS panel
atFoliX FX-Antireflex Screen Protector Film 24"

Total cost £590
Build time so far probably about 5-10h

The panel when stripped doesn't lay perfectly flat when layed on the Wacom so I did have to dremel some of the casing to accommodate so warranty voided with my build.  Undecided

The panel is pretty sturdy and goes upto 75hz at 1080p through HDMI
At 60hz the wacom pen signal is completely blocked >.< on this panel so I run it at 72hz.
This rate also seems to be best for jitter control.
Jitter seems to be most bad at the left and right side which is totally erattic and unusable, but top and bottem has jitter but is still actually ok for drawing. Maybe can try adjust H-sync in a fine tune up later.
But around the centre there is no jitter.

I decided on the screenprotector instead of a layer of perspex or glass due to the panel being actually quite hard itself when testing the pen on it and it would mean litterally minimal parallax, the screen already has an antiglare layer that I can see on close inspection and the screen protector seems quite tough enough to protect the screen.

Only thing left is eyecandy?

For those who care about saving power etc like myself, this Panel draws 17Watts at my current configuration settings.
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« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2014, 08:10:51 PM »

Excellent job! Another fine working DIT Cintiq. P.s. I like the name!!
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« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2014, 10:09:50 PM »

Right lots of tweaking, first is a problem with wacom calibration configuration tool, seems everytime I enter digits manually in the boxes they don't seem to stick instead they just automatically change the number to higher than what I entered, sometimes beyond the limits even, anyone else have this problem?
Did get round this by editing the wacom preference file directly, now have perfect calibration.

It seems 64hz on the panel works even better on jitter control.

Very happy with the way everything is working, minimal backlight bleed and near perfect colour uniformity.

After putting on the screen protector, feels like no difference from with it off but at least have peace of mind that the screen below will be somewhat protected, also the texture when drawing feels nice, not as rough as the original wacom surface or as smooth as glass/perspex surface, more like gliding over silk, feels nib friendly.  Only problem was bit difficult to put on perfectly due to the size.

I've started shielding and mounting the LCD on the wacom more solidly but having 2 specks of dust showing thru the screen from inside the panel, looks like I'm gonna have to search and clean em out.

Really loving the IPS screen and drawing space, some pics.

* tmp_6025-IMG_20140703_123611-1059648617.jpg (233.09 KB, 1024x583 - viewed 383 times.)

* tmp_6025-IMG_20140703_123524-1950460235.jpg (238.11 KB, 1024x583 - viewed 351 times.)
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