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Author Topic: Review of Fujitsu ST5111 - Tablet-PC with awesome outdoor screen.  (Read 13408 times)
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« on: February 27, 2016, 05:42:10 PM »

Short story why I'm here and why I'm interested in tablets.

First of all, compare different LCD screens technology between different devices.
  • Calculator, thermometer, watch, etc. have reflective screen.
    Bad readability when try to use it on dark environment (no light source) but super readable outside.
  • Many of old mobile phones (Nokia 3310, Sony J-70, etc.) and standard industrial HD44780 display have transflexive screen. That mean mix of transmissive and reflective technology.
    A little worse performance at sun light, but readable at night thanks to backlight.
  • Bring some colors. Try to find Nokia E52 or some old PDA / PocketPC with nice color transflexive screen.
    For My E52 phone: On dark environment screen looks good (depend on backlight power). On direct sunlight screen looks awful, colors was washed-out and dim. But at least, screen is super readable even without backlight, almost like old black&white screens.
  • Standard transmissive screens that can be found in almost any monitor, laptop, tablet and phone.
    Transmissive screen have the best colors and light efficiency over all LCD types, as long as the environmental light was low enougth to not disturb light that comes out from LCD panel. So outside with direct sunlight, You can see nothing
  • Outdoor transmissive screens - same like above, but visible in direct sunlight, thanks to powerful backlight. Nice, but fast draining battery.

Next, I finally need to buy a laptop for my studies. And because I need to use it on bright environment, I'm searching for anything with transflexive screen. Unfortunately, transflexive screen disappear from personal equipment and move into overpriced industrial segment, so I can only afford used computer  Angry

But after about a month of searching local ebay, I found nice computer that fits my requirements. It's Fujitsu ST5111, a Tablet-PC.
  • Traditional tablet without keyboard. Keyboard come as a wireless accessory, not a removable stand.
  • Touch-less screen, works only with Wacom pen.
  • Heavy. 2kg including power supply.
  • Old. Designed in 2007, manufactured in 2008 = weak processor, poor graphics.
  • Used. Comes to me with scratched screen, without RAM and HDD.
  • Not have a transflexive screen. It have reflective screen. Screen looks nice on cloudy day and even better with direct sun lights.
  • Not a backlight, it's frontlight. Same technology as in modern e-readers with eink screen.
  • Great compatibility. Tablet-PC = laptop-like hardware. It can run any windows and any win program.
  • Hi-end business technology including best available technology, like 64b processor, wifi, bluetooth.
  • Standard mini DDR2, 2'5 SATA hdd, LAN, USB host, PCMCIA for any expansion cards. Who wants more?
  • Used battery still working.
  • Survived drop test. Plastic case is broken in some places, but everything still working
  • My first Wacom device and I rather like it.
So, it's a good deal that fits my requirements.

How to use it?
Well, switch from mouse to pen was hard, but after time I prefer to browse web and make notes on PDFs with pen rather than mouse or imprecise touchscreen.
Switch from keyboard to on-screen keyboard is still a barrier for me. I still prefer to use regular keyboard, even when it cost me a lot of space.

After a few months I install gimp on it. That's my first program that recognized pressure. And I fell in love with that type of painting. Only problem I have with it was the performance of CPU. Good enougth for simple things but not so good for some tools settings.

So next step was a tablet for my powerful PC. Please be patient.

And here comes photos of it.

* IMG_3878.JPG (424.39 KB. 1706x1102 - viewed 551 times.)
^ Ass side.

* IMG_3879.JPG (438.95 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 572 times.)
^ Front side.

* IMG_3881.JPG (377.01 KB. 1799x1246 - viewed 558 times.)
^ Yes, it working.

* IMG_3883.JPG (214.83 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 530 times.)
^ And it have regular bios. Except, it can be used with stylus too  Tongue

* IMG_3884.JPG (414.6 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 548 times.)

* IMG_3885.JPG (418.65 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 562 times.)

* IMG_3887.JPG (478.66 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 513 times.)
First - poor light, full brightness. Not impressive.
Middle - poor light, frontlight off. Bad but still usable.
Last - good light, frontlight off. Compare that with any other LCD technology. Only calculator screen looks better.

* IMG_3888.JPG (494.26 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 550 times.)
^ Yes, pressure works with gimp. But I returned borrowed HDD and bought SSD. That's just a fresh win7 install.

* IMG_3889.JPG (246.91 KB. 1356x977 - viewed 516 times.)

* IMG_3890.JPG (203.44 KB. 912x684 - viewed 563 times.)
^ A wireless keyboard that I bought with tablet. InfraRed suck, but leave free one of USB sockets.

* IMG_3893.JPG (483.77 KB. 1824x1368 - viewed 576 times.)
^ Just for compare, same image displayed on screen.

* IMG_3891.JPG (439.24 KB. 1824x822 - viewed 516 times.)

* IMG_3892.JPG (269.38 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 530 times.)
^ A huge battery pack. It gives me at least 3h working time, tested on fullscreen 720 YouTube video (90% CPU load) and full brightness.
Reading PDFs or web (5% CPU load) and zero brightness gives me up to 6 hours of operating on regular HDD. SSD should greatly extend that time. I expect up to 9h of outside reading.

Any questions?

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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2016, 06:05:56 PM »

Because forum have limit for attachments, here comes second part.
Let's look what's inside.

* IMG_3894.JPG (354.88 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 548 times.)

* IMG_3895.JPG (380.81 KB. 1358x1018 - viewed 556 times.)
^ Mobo.

* IMG_3896.JPG (318.22 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 550 times.)
^ Screen.

* IMG_3897.JPG (145 KB. 912x684 - viewed 552 times.)
^ Digitizer model SU-004-B06. Gogle say nothing about it.

* IMG_3898.JPG (318.15 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 574 times.)
^ Digitizer boards.

* IMG_3899.JPG (343.82 KB. 1368x1026 - viewed 552 times.)
^ LCD model LQ104X2LX05B. Gogle found only useless incomplete datasheet.

Digitizer is a 100% serial unit, but I not try do analyze pinout yet.


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« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2016, 01:29:13 PM »

Just added this Wacom tablet to (to help Google for the next person):

If you have any of the missing information (like measuring its width/height, I can fill this in).
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« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2016, 06:45:00 PM »

I found datasheet for FLC26XGC6R and dimensions looks exactly the same.
I cannot test pinout for LVDS. Pinout for digitizer will be tested on my holidays.

* FLC26XGC6R - LCD odbiciowy refleksyjny.pdf (482.12 KB - downloaded 316 times.)

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« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2017, 09:39:53 AM »

hi, do you have any progress on this?
And I really have a question on that, we have a display LQ104X2LX05A with the same digitizer UNIT SU-004-B06 on hand, and could this type of display also be used on ST5111?
What's the difference between LQ104X2LX05A and LQ104X2LX05B?
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