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Author Topic: Tecra M7 Impressions  (Read 1975 times)
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« on: December 13, 2006, 12:25:30 PM »

I'm not trying to upset anyone but I thought some people might want to know how well the tablet pc peforms. My specs:

* 1.66GHZ Core Duo Processor
* 14.5" LCD
* 70 GIG 5400 RPM
* 1 gig ram

I bought this for a good price. My desktop consist of 24" LCD, Raptor, and a fast motherboard with Northwood tech.  Well these are my thoughts on the tecra

* Very fast when program is loaded in ram but slower loading -- of course with core duo it can do most things
* Very easy to use in tablet or keyboard mode
* LCD has many angular distortions and graininess but would do an adequate job for painting anything but subtle gradations for final work
* Very accurate PEN to LCD positioning.
* Pressure sensitivity is adequate but could be better
* Can easily draw with in lap but do get angular distortions

Overall: Extremely good with most short comings being due to design considerations rather then bad design.

As for which is better, I havent used CINTIQ but I think hands down for mobility, sketching, and cost then Tablet PC is better.  I still see need for desktop for finishing some types of work.  Tablet PC + Cintiq would be best bet.  BTW, I know its a do-it-yourself but I wouldnt skimp with buying a cheap LCD if you are building one because the LCD is so important for good work unless you just build one first.  The main thing a cintiq has over a good tablet pc today is the LCD quality and without that then the differencs become even less.

But yes tablet pc or cintiq build. I think either way is better then wacom pad.  I'll keep my 12x12 for finishing work though or maybe i"ll turn it into a cintiq some later time.  I havent tried but it may be psosible to do a dual monitor on the tecra too. probably is
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