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Author Topic: unknown monitors  (Read 6885 times)
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« on: December 18, 2006, 10:18:30 AM »

Edit by Drewid. -This is a list from a DIY projector site.   The projector guys don't mind whether the power supply ac-dc convertor is internal or an external brick  - it doesn't affect the function of the projector,   BUT a tablet works by electromagnetism, and power supplies generate interference So an internal supply is BAAAD. (It is probably possible to shield it but it's extra hassle.)

External supply good, internal supply bad.

If you are looking at any of these check to see it has an external or internal supply before you buy it. 

15" Monitors

LiquidVideo NEG A150X1 (CMV1515) & Polyview A150X1 518A (CMV1512)500:1 contrast or higher
15ms response
XGA resolution
15" vertical

CMV CT529A Replacement Model For 1515
Color: 16.7 Million
Contrast: 500:1
Response: 16ms
FFC Issues: NO
1 FFC Cable doesn't need extending

LG L1515S
Contrast Ratio: 400:1
Response Time: 25 ms
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Viewing Angle: H:160, V:140
Backlight: 2 CCFL Lamps
Pixel Pitch: 0.297 x 0.297 mm

NEC Multisync V1550VM
Contrast: 450:1
Response: 16ms
FFC Issues: NO

Lilliput 7" SVGA 2400x480 Widescreen
These things go for about $200 and are great for people who need a smaller projector. The resolution isn't as high as a 15" panel but it's perfectly acceptable for medium sized screens up to 8' diagonal. I'd imagine 6' screen size is optimal for these. There is no FFC issue but there is a small circuit board that must be bent 90 degrees from the panel; doing this requires no skill however, just move it out of the way. Make sure to get the SVGA panel, 2400x480 dots (they call it an XGA panel but it's really XGA compressed). This panel also has both composite and vga inputs (woo!), a remote, and 'fit to screen' options for 4:3 broadcasts. Remember when dealing with many of these smaller panels the resolution is given in dots, not pixels. It's easy to get deceived this way because on the horizontal resolution each dot is actually just one of the RGB colors. If the resolution is 2400x480 dots you would get the actual pixel resolution by dividing the horizontal dot resolution by 3, giving you 800x480 pixels.

  very static sensitive.

NEC 1545v
300:1 cr
30ms response time

BENQ 557s
400:1 cr
16ms response time
(note: must be the 557 'S', the 557 isn't usable)

Benq 581s
450:1 CR
Response: 16ms
FFC Issues: NO

NEC Multisync LCD1560M
Resolution : 1024 x 768 XGA
Contrast : 450:1
Brightness: 300
VGA and DVI-D Connections
  FFCs are long enough to position driver boards out of the image path
  Reports say that not all 1560Ms are compatible.

Mag LT456s
300:1 contrast
50ms response
Not the fastest panel but it's a 14" which is good. This is not a panel for hardcore gamers but for everyday use it seems to be fine.
  Reports say that not all 14" Mags are compatible.

Samsung 151s
300:1 contrast ratio (330:1*)
1024x768 max. res. (XGA)
16.7 m. colors ( 262.000..?)
30 ms. response time (25 ms*)
* silver version ( =second rev. )
  Reports are now saying that not all 151s are compatible.

Viewsonic VG150Contrast Ratio: 350:1
Reponse Time: 30ms
Size:15 in.
FFC Issue: NO
"Found following informations about compatible 15" monitors on a french website, perhaps useful for some europeans like me" :-)

Liteon Model No. (on the back): H15AAU

LG Flatron 1511s
Claims 16M colors, but only 6bits

NFREN 151M2 (Seems be BTC monitors brand)
XGA (1024*768)
262K colors (6Bit R/G/B)
NFREN technical details

Acer AL506
Seems to have been discontinued, but may be wrong
16.7M colors
PDF manual is available on acer website, but is quite huge (77megs)

Sony SDM-HS53
There seems to be 3 models (W, H and L), but I don't know if it is only related to color of the enclosure or domething changes inside. All three models have exactly same technical details:
16.2M colors
  Reports say some units have FFC issues

Sony SDM-S53H
The "H" designation seems to be important on this one.

  MUST BE THE LTM 1555 "X" MODEL, NOT THE "B" MODEL! The B model has the FFC issue
  New reports are saying Good: LTM1555B S, LTM1555X S.
Not so Good:
  LTM1555B T, LTM1555X T.
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Diagonal Screen Size 15 in.
Display Resolution 1024 x 768
PC Signal Compatibility XGA
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Digital TV HD-Ready TV
HD Video Signal Compatibility 1080i, 480p, 720p

Samsung LTN1565X /XAA
15" LCD TV
Very easy to take apart.
All of the cables are real wires, only one FFC which is on the LCD panel and should not be a problem. The main cable that connects the LCD to the brain unit might need to be lengthened depending on how you mount the input connections. They are all real wires though and would not be that hard to do.

Proview HD 572
Uses the LG 151 panel.There are ffc's from the panel itself to the 'brain' but you can bend them easily without damage, will post some pictures later.

For UK buyers:

Sam*tron 51S
size : 15"
Pixel Pitch : 0.297
contrast : 330 : 1
Reponse : 25ms
lovely long FFCs, well about an inch which isn't bad for an lcd panel. Nice and easy to disasemble.

BenQ 567s ver2 (FP567s Ver.2)
XGA 1024X758
Contrast 450:1
Response time 16 ms

BenQ FP531BL has no problems stripping. Nice compact LCD monitor as well. available benqshopper or (in Canada)
Contrast: 400:1
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Resolution: 1024x768
Response Time: 25ms

Samsung LTM150XH-T01
XGA 250 nits / 300:1 DTD-UXGA-RVD -
works great - no ffc

Samsung LTM150XP

Samsung SyncMaster 510N
Pre-stripped kits available on ebay:
Contrast: 300:1
Response time: 25ms
Resolution: XGA
Inputs: VGA, composite, coxial, and S-video (+ built in TV tuner)

Neovo M-15V
Panel Size 15" (381mm)
Contrast Ratio 500:1 (Typical)
Display Resolution XGA 1024 x 768
Input Signal Analog, Video
Response Time 15ms / 10ms (Typical)
Net Dimension 391 x 396 x 180mm
(15.4" x 15.6" x 7.1")

Gateway FPD 1510

Samsung 151S , LTM150XH-L01
FCC Issues
Samsung 150MP
FCC Issues

CMV 1515
FCC Issues
CMV 1512
FCC Issues
Liquid Video 1512
FCC Issues

Win 1512
FCC Issues

I-O Data A15V
FCC Issues

Benq 557s
FCC Issues

Benq 567s
FCC Issues

NEC 1545v
FCC Issues

Gateway FPD1530
There are NO "0" FCC's in this monitor!

LG L1730B
(17", 12ms, 550:1)

CMV 522

Planar PL150
There is one FFC that needs to be extended.

MAG Innovision LT565
15" works well, No fcc problems There are actually wires between boards so if needed to place power board farther away its possible, its nice 400:1 16ms response

HP L1502
15" LCD
Contrast Ratio: 400:1
Response Time: 23ms
Small FFC issue, requires the 20pin FFC extender. Parts available via Lumenlab store or digikey.

Dell E152FP & Dell E153FP
350 : 1 / 400 : 1 Contrast ratio
Response time 25
strips very easy
no fcc issue

No FFC's
Inside, this is a Sharp LQ150X1DG51

Samsung 570v
15 inch very easy to strip
very compatible but needs the 20 pin extension ffc cable.


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