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Author Topic: Buying Alot of Stuff  (Read 2357 times)
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« on: September 11, 2007, 05:33:41 AM »

Hi, My name is Nick I live in the USA(Naperville, IL) and I'm starting on building my own lcd tablet. However, I have found myself to be one hell of a bad ebayer due to my foolish judgement on thinking great deals when its got an hour left and it sky rockets 500x its price in 5 mins. Therefore, I need to buy some parts. Hopefully, the kind and generous users of this forum have parts that they got through, probably buying a lot of certain items, on ebay or through [insert secret way here]. What I know I would need is: Wacom UD-1212, A pen for that, a monitor that works(preferably one that someone else successfully made a build log of), and cables for it.

I am aware that most people would not have spares because most only make 1(or at least I'm guessing) but some of the hard core makers like Chems build insanely, godly tablets and I often see that those people have extra parts.

Also I am on a sad budget of $280 (yes, I know High school + no job + no allowance) Hopefully I'm hoping I'll only spend half the first time (for surely the chances of me successfully making a lcd tablet on my first try is about 30%).

So here are my offers (take pity on me):

UD-1212 = BOUGHT ON EBAY WOOT for only $25(shipping fees including)  Grin
Pen for it = $15-20 (Still Looking for It, Would Really Appreciate if you donate one)
A monitor that some has a build on = $40 (I'll Probably have to Ebay it)
Cables = $15-20 (Anyone got spare cheap, or even better, free cables?)
Shipping = Cheapest way possible  :'(

Also, I need methods of paying the person. I am sure my parents will let me use their paypal account or I can send you the half of the money first through money order then the other half when I receive the item (Sorry low budget = High security)

Also If you happen to see Godly Cheap Prices on Ebay (with BUY IT NOW preferably, because I suck at bidding) send me an email with the link at or send me a private message to my Bangofish account

Oh, and If someone made already a working cintiq using a UD1212 and want to make a better one and decides to sell it. I'll pay up to $150( 150 as in with shipping fee included, so if you sell please pick the cheapest way)
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